The US = Greatest Country Ever


We truly live in a great country, one where foot-long vegan hot dogs can be procured.

For comparison, the package next to my head:

Foot longs

(As far as I know, these aren’t available on the east coast yet, at least not in my area. I’m not going to tell you how I got these, either. So there.)

7 Responses to “The US = Greatest Country Ever”

  1. Kelly Jaxin

    I cannot believe those actually exist!! Do you know what this means to the state of Vegan BBQ’s everywhere!!??

    I’m gonna need some bigger buns! Heh.

  2. SaraJane

    That is strangely exciting. I hope they bring those up to Canada!

  3. selina

    wow! i am jealous! hope they were good!

  4. Lance

    The U.S.= Yes! Where else can you listen to a 100% meatless music CD? It was time!

  5. IsaChandra

    They generously donated a bunch to our vegan gathering in Portland over the summer. They were awesome! Check out josh with one.

  6. Jules

    I tried them there preatty good well at least it isn’t animal YAY

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