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  1. Lazurii

    This is for the cage-free eggs:

    Now, I eat eggs, IF I can get them from my dad, who has a flock of twenty chickens that have all the access they want to 60 acres. Now, that’s a chicken who lives a natural life, not stuffed in a barn with thousands of other chickens. Now, I’m not saying this is for everyone, especially because I don’t expect everyone to have my set of values. But I don’t see how those who do eat commercial cage-free eggs can feel okay about it after seeing pictures of what it’s really like.

    I think the brown eggs are a nice touch, makes them look all natural and stuff. Do people know that it’s the type of chicken that makes the brown eggs, not the living conditions?

  2. Becci

    Lazurii–I volunteer for a local group to educate people about where (most) eggs come from, and no, I do not think that most individuals realize that the egg color is determined by the kind of chicken; I have had more than one person ask whether brown eggs are from healthier, happier birds. The level of ignorance I have encountered from otherwise intelligent people on the subject of eggs is really surprising!

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