An update from Jules


By request, here’s an update from Jules about her two weeks as a vegetarian (she’s in town visiting this week):

Hey every one! It’s going great. I’m pretty sure I’m going to stay a vegertarian! I am getting a lot of support from everyone. Even my 10 year old Bffs! Thery’re even thinking about trying that’s wonderful. Today I said some people say tofu is gross (but it is delicious ). Uncle Ryan said that you should say, “Dead animal is gross!” If only everyone stopped eating meat, no animals would be food. Well I better go the computer is doing weird things.

From Jules Ps: Thank you for the comments.

reCAPTCHAing the Magic

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A little site news for you today.

Comment spam increased significantly on the Veg Blog over the last week or so, even with the WordPress Akismet plug-in installed.  So, I went and installed a new CAPTCHA-based plug-in.  Now, when you comment, you’ll need to type in two words to verify that you’re actually a human.

Now before you get all grumbly on me, let me tell you the two good things that come of this:

  1. I’ve turned off the approval requirement on comments, so your comment will be posted right away (of course, I will still zap any comment I declare “dumb ass”).  This may change, but for now, instant posting.
  2. I’m using a cool plug-in called reCAPTCHA.  What it does is makes use of the image-based CAPTCHA to help fix poor OCR-translations of public domain books.  It’s an excellent concept.  Read more about it.

Sometimes a word will come up that’s hard to decipher.  If that happens, just hit the little reload icon on the reCAPTCHA and it will give you two new words.

Dairy’s influence


I was watching TV the other night when an ad for Honey Nut Cheerios came on. It took place at a baseball game and showed a guy sitting in the stands eating cereal with milk pumped into his bowl via a beer-helmet-like device. Notice anything strange about this screenshot?:

Dairy Milk

The milk cartons are labeled “Dairy Milk.” Why? Do cow’s milk containers in the store ever read explicitly “dairy milk”? My guess is that the dairy industry is still angry that soy, nut, and rice beverages are allowed to be sold as “milk” and they somehow worked out a deal to get the generic cartons in this ad to specify “dairy milk” lest anyone think this guy would–*gasp*–be drinking soy milk.

Am I alone in my conspiracy theory here? I’d love to track down the firm behind this ad and ask them about it.