An update from Jules


By request, here’s an update from Jules about her two weeks as a vegetarian (she’s in town visiting this week):

Hey every one! It’s going great. I’m pretty sure I’m going to stay a vegertarian! I am getting a lot of support from everyone. Even my 10 year old Bffs! Thery’re even thinking about trying that’s wonderful. Today I said some people say tofu is gross (but it is delicious ). Uncle Ryan said that you should say, “Dead animal is gross!” If only everyone stopped eating meat, no animals would be food. Well I better go the computer is doing weird things.

From Jules Ps: Thank you for the comments.

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  1. Becci

    Hahah, I like the line from “Uncle Ryan”. You are awesome. Jules is awesome. Keep it up!

  2. Marcy

    yay! keep goin’ jules…great job

  3. Jon

    Just think – veggie burrito, fried green tomato sandwich, veggie dumplings, pad thai, soy decadent ice cream, mushroom avocado sushi roll, being healthier, thinner and living without any guilt (:

  4. nutrition during infancy

    nutrition during infancy…

    Sounds good … but nevertheless, I am not totally sure I agree with the idea….

  5. Crazy Girl Jules

    new blog in october about my life and what vegetarian means to me

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