More idiot thwacking


Since I’ve started following the policy of not approving every crackpot that comments on an entry, the studpidity level has decreased pretty significantly. But every so often, there’s still one of those comments that I’m definitely not going to approve, but I want to share with you all for a laugh. Because really, it is just that funny.

The post starts off by referring to everyone that’s commented on this post as “Peta freaks” and then proceeds to lay into PETA with some legitimate gripes as well as some outdated or misinformed ones, all with plenty of terrible spelling and grammar (of course). That stuff has been covered a million times before, so let me just jump to the most interesting part of the comment, where the guy goes from the typical anti-veg rant to a raving loon:

i don’t care if you don’t want to eat meat or eggs, that is your right. but to put up posters and say that eating meat makes you fat when literaly billions of studies show that meat is a necicary part of your healthy development and not consuming meat products can lead to osteoperosis and bone caner, aids, rhinovirus(common cold) ,and yes i will bring in the a word, AIDS!

Wait. Not only does he claim that not eating meat causes “bone caner” (that’s got to be a euphamism for some creepy sexual act), but he blames AIDS (twice!) on “not consuming meat products.” But I guess we should believe him because there have been “literaly billions of studies” done. Billions!

The commenter then says that he’s “a well informed liberal, left wing, democrat, who doesn,t like to see abuse any more than the next man” before jumping to the completely unrelated topic of unchaining domestic dogs.

Gotta love it.