4 Reasons I Hate Rachael Ray


I know, I know, it’s low-hanging fruit to take shots at Rachael Ray, but she keeps coming up in daily conversation and I’ve gotta get this out of my system. I wish Isa would just challenge her to a boxing match or something.

  1. She spells her name stupidly. I know, it’s not her fault. I should blame her parents. But every time I see that extra “a” in there, I get the same twinge I get when people spell “Michael” as “Micheal” (being that it’s part of my last name, so I’m a tad hypersensitive).
  2. EVOO. The fact she can take the enormously annoying acronym-turned-catchphrase and turn it into a marketing gimmick drives me nuts.
  3. She’s every-freakin’-where. She’s on boxes of Triscuits for Buddha’s sake.
  4. She’s an idiot. Her cookbook 365: No Repeats (we got it as a gift… it’s being regifted to my sister who, for some unknown reason, not only tolerates Rachael Ray, but seems to like her) is about as vegan un-friendly as it gets. Sure, there’s a “vegetarian” section, but everything’s smothered in cheese. The book is filled with hideously disgusting recipes like Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Patties, Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin, and Chicken Cutlets on Buttermilk-Cheddar-Chorizo Biscuits, but there is a sole tofu recipe in the book that’s actually vegan. How does she ruin it? By adding this absurd commentary: “I really do not get tofu, but some of my friends do. This is for them.” You don’t “get tofu”?! What is there to get, you moron? It’s a food. Vishnu have mercy.

No more “x reasons I…” or “y ways to…” posts this week. I promise.

134 Responses to “4 Reasons I Hate Rachael Ray”

  1. Becci

    She always looks like such a moron on commercials for her program…I’m not surprised she really is. Heh.

  2. Jul

    Aaah, it’s rants like these that make me happy to live outside of the US – no Rachael Ray here! :)

  3. Lisa

    Oh, and she’s actually not very nice either. I worked with her at an event, and she was bitching about how annoyed she was to be there and how crazy the fans were, and rudely refused to autograph her cookbook for some fans who were nearby. Two seconds later, she went up on the stage and was all rainbows and sunshine. It was disgusting.

  4. rich

    Funny quick story. My middle name is Micheal and I spell it that way. It is on my social security card, passport, etc. a few years back when my ex-wife and I were dating she asked what time I was born? I had no clue so I went to my file cabinet and pulled out my birth certificate and my middle name was spelled “Michael” on it, every other piece of ID I have it is spelled “Micheal”. I called my mother up and asked her how to spell my middle name and she said “ae” not “ea”. Being confused I asked her what was the deal with my social security card and she said “Your grandfather got it for you, he probably messed up” so for 30 something years I was spelling my name wrong. I ended up keeping it “ea” so I guess I am on your stupid list :)

  5. Lindsay

    ugg… I recently saw her in a print ad for DUNKIN’ DONUTS. No joke. Any last shred of respect I had for her (which was precious little, I assure you) went right out the window with that decision! I watched the food network for about 5 years straight and I can honestly say that of all the shows on the network, which granted, are all just oozing animal based everything, her meals always struck me as the least appetizing. Oh, and as for what Lisa said, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that she’s not anywhere near as gooey sweet as she tries to come off…

  6. Alice Winfree Bowron

    “Reasons #6 & #7”

    (6) I hate the way she’s ‘styled’ herself up the minute she got uber-“successful” e.g. the streaks she got in her nice/natural hairstyle actually makes it look as if she’s dripping in cheese! and,

    (7) She’s a Virgo like me, for crap’s sake!!! To think she’s urging people to eat huge meat sandwiches, giant cheese-filled/cheese-dipped/cheese-slathered crapola and call that “great eating” absolutely ‘fries’ me!!! All us healthy/vegan-oriented Virgos deserve compensation for second-hand defamation of character!

  7. Suzanne

    The woman is on my shit list for sure. A friend loaned me RR’s kids’ cookbook, and it’s just as greasy and cheese-and-bacon smothered as her other cookbooks. The next week, I was telling this friend how incredibly delicious Isa’s recipes are, and my friend said, “oh, so she has no culinary school training and is that good? Just like Rachael Ray!” *groan* No, nothing like Rachael Ray!

    My Food Network-addicted husband has taken to watching with our 2-year-old when I’m not around, so now my little girl has started saying, “yum-o” and “oh my gravy.” :( I’m not pleased.

  8. sylvia

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds her less than appealing… But then there’s Paula Deen. The woman fries butter!! ::shakes head in disappointment at the world::

  9. Andrew Keese

    My wife hates Rachael Ray, in part, because she is always saying “delish” and “yummo.”

  10. Kris

    Oh God, I know! I’ve never even seen the show or heard her voice before but the cheerfulness and “yummo” are enough to make me lose my “delish” vegan lunch! Someone at my work commented that they heard she was a bitch and someone else responded in surprise, to which I replied, “No one is that cheerful and sweet and actually makes it that far up the ladder without being ruthless.” Needless to say, mine was not a popular opinion!

  11. bazu

    I could devote my whole blog to why I hate RR, but I guess that’s already been done. She even wrote a book supposedly devoted to vegetarian recipes but used things like chicken stock and worcestershire sauce… All that needs to be said about her is that she puts more stock in the atkins diet than she does in vegetarianism (forget veganism). ’nuff said.

  12. Sinbella

    Thank you so much for having this. I Googled I hate Rachael Ray and had to vent because I can’t take it anymore. Is it me or my imagination, as time goes on the louder and more abrasive she is. I can’t stand it. And what’s up with her tagalong husband being everywhere with her? Doesn’t he have some lawyering or playing in a band to do? My God, he’s so stupid. He’s with her everywhere. Just get another puppy. I refuse to eat anything that has her Joker face is on. Dunkin Donuts and Triscuit, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  13. Jared

    Her voice also anoys the shit out of me, and I dated a girl that looks almost exactly like her and spells her name the same exact way. Grrr….

  14. LT

    I think that it may serve us all to drop the hate approach for Rachael Ray(or anyone else). Gandhi was a vegetarian and advocated peaceful resistance and love; I think that we would do well to follow his example. I’m a vegan chef and travel all overr the country; cooking vegan food for college students, large corporations, major hotel chains and others. I work directly with mainstream foodservice professionals, in their kitchens, right next to cooks preparing meat-based foods. My friendly and inviting approach is the reason why I am successful in working with them (in that, I am normally successful in placing vegan products and providing recipes to increase the # of vegan dishes served). In so doing, people who would never otherwise even look at vegan food end up actually liking it and I have so far been able to successfully replace at least some of the animal derived products consumed in this world; just a thought for your consideration.

  15. Jennifer

    It’s so nice to hear others bag on RR. Let’s start with her clothing…..wayyyyyyyyy to fitted for her microscopic breast
    and unproportioned butt and hips…..she needs a boob job badly!! and I’m sorry, but no one is that happy and cheery…..
    barf out!! did you all check out her wedding ring?? my god, couldn’t her husband afford a bigger ring?? and another annoying
    and why oh why can’t she make two trips to that friggin ugly orange pantry and fridge….she balances all the same
    ingredients every damn day…..and how about that ugly garbage bowl!! there are soooo many annoying things about her,
    i could write a book……one last rant, she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, those pale brunette types with those big fat butts
    and tooooo tight clothing!!

  16. Amanda

    agreed. i am vegetarian..:-)

  17. kelly

    hey…i ~am a pale brunette type with a fat butt. (but my last name isn’t clarkson.)
    Don’t be hatin’.

    well, okay. you can hate her cooking. I do too ;)

  18. Samantha

    It’s that hoarse bark, bark, bark that sends me up the kitchen wall. She sounds like a dog left out in the rain. So many young women’s voices are so hoarse, loud and frantic-sounding now.

    Also, I’m getting tired of celebrities needing to be absolutely everywhere. Four TV shows, a magazine, numerous books, endorsement deals – that’s way too much Rachael Ray. America needs a break.

    Everyone wants to be Oprah now. No one seems content to own and get rich in his or her own niche.

    I’m cringing about the recent gossip about her. It can only get worse. Women are coming out of the woodwork to accuse her husband of being into S&M. Add that to her own stories on her “E True Hollywood Story” about an abusive boyfriend, and I see a whole lot of ugly coming down the road.

  19. Brian

    This is what is wrong with America. People bashing on others for no reason whatsoever. She has a few “annoying” things about her, but who doesn’t? I would love to see all of you that are bashing her on TV doing the same thing. I’m sure that people would have plenty of shit to say about you. Grow up.

  20. Carla

    I can’t stand it when she’s doing her daytime show ‘Rachael Ray’ is it just me? or does anyone else notice that she is always scratching her scalp, touching her hair and face during her cooking segment!!!! It grosses me out…………..and PLAESE DON’T open your big mouth, WOW what a hole that is!!!!!

  21. Carolina

    rachael ray hasen´t done anything to you assholes so just leave her alone

  22. saraphir

    When I first came across this website and the blog ‘veganism is not extreme’ I really enjoyed the debate and reading other people’s arguments etc. This blog – from the very beginning – has been totally intolerant and disrespectful of another living being – all by people who claim to care for and respect other beings. Ok, I have never seen Rachael Rays, but how about letting other people get on with their lives, and you get on with yours? It’s things like this that give veganism a bad name and give the impression that vegans are intolerant/superior etc. Reading this blog it is obvious that some are…..

  23. ryan

    People are taking this entry entirely too fucking seriously.

    Oh, and Rachael Ray can still bite me.

  24. Carla

    Rachael, PLEEESE stop scratching your scalp, touching your hair and face during your cooking segment!!!! for god sake, that’s nasty….most of the stuff you laugh at is’nt even funny, yet you laugh with that GIGANTIC mouth – MY GOD WOMAN what a hole!!!!!and one more thing can you please stop with the hand gesters…it’s so annoying…Oh and while I’m at it…what’s with “OH MY GRAVY”…What is that????? EVOO, ITTY BITTY, DELISH,YUMMO, STOP IT…STOP IT…STOP IT………….I can’t watch anymore….enough is enough……

  25. Christy

    If everyone on here hates Rachael Ray so much, then DON’T watch her! No one is forcing you to watch her talk show or Food Network shows! I guess all of you are PERFECT and have no flaws of your own!

  26. ryan

    I guess all of you are PERFECT and have no flaws of your own!

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, that is indeed true.

  27. Heather

    If anyone ever needed a handful of Xanax and a bottle of Vodka to wash them down, it is definitley Rachael Ray…I’m so glad others feel the same way I do..:)

  28. Becci

    I guess all of you are PERFECT and have no flaws of your own!

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, that is indeed true.

    Uh yeah, me too. I’m glad, too, because only perfect people like us are allowed to criticize anybody or anything, and I’d miss having the right to do that.

  29. Chrissy

    Well, guys I can say that I can’t stand watching her hour longggg show. I tried to only once and that was enough, but I did catch her old show 30 Minute Meals, when I was looking for a good black bean soup recipe and hers was very good. I only had to change the broth to veggie and ignore the stupid sandwich she was making. The “stoup” or however you spell it ( not a stew or a soup )her stupid words, was really good. If you use your superior vegan brains some of her recipes can be converted quite nicely! I just don’t watch the whole show. :):)

  30. Jenny

    WOW. I am stunned at how stupid all of you sound. For people who supposedly hate Rachael Ray, you guys sure do know A LOT about her and seem to watch all of her shows to be able to point out all of her idiosyncricies. People like you will continue to keep Rahael Ray successful. You idiots should think about it and get a life.

  31. Kristie

    Hahahahah! I turned on Food Network (Oh how I heart thee, FN!) and Rachael Ray was on barking about her 30 minute wads of arteriosclerosis. She was wearing a tight shirt tucked into “plus size” pants, and I thought “GOD! For a fat chick, she sure does have small tits. She needs a boob job.” My laptop was in front of me, so I Googled “Rachael Ray needs a boob job” and there were tons of responses. Including this one. The interweb never fails to make me deliriously happy…

  32. Dave

    Hmmm. I don;t cook. I simply wanted to find some other people who cringe at the RR commercial for DD. I change the channel not to hear Delish. And thats my whole exposure to her.

    Then I see people here pleading to leave her alone. We dont have to. She’s annoying. I feel joy seeing others feel the same way. And I have no choice, she is in the commercials. They come on. She is following me.

    I think when a big group takes an extrmeme stance (“we like RR and make her famous”) there are sometimes those who must vocalize their UNsupport for this. It lends balance to the system. Is it bad karma to criticize her? perhaps. But hearing her talk is like having an itch I can;t scratch, and at least this way, I can see there are others in the great US of A would like some RR Calamine Lotion.

  33. Ovide

    I HATE Rachael Ray and now that she and her miss piggy face have become the spokesperson for Dunkin, I always see that biotch everywhere!

    I too could cook a 30 minute meal if everything was precut/pre-washed and portioned. At least Martha tells you, “this will take several hours”…

  34. Lulu

    I also find Rachael Ray very annoying and one of the least interesting FN celebrities, but I don’t get people criticizing her for her small breasts. Who cares? I watch cooking shows to learn about cooking, or because the hosts are entertaining, not because they’re hot.

  35. e

    You guys take the time out of your day to talk about the person you hate? LOL…Dont u have better things to do then blog about how much you hate Rachael Ray? Obviously you guys are just jealous…How about get a life of your own….Unless you know her personally, you don’t have room to talk about anything….How old are you guys? Grow up!

  36. Ryan

    Wow, someone managed to post every lame response to a criticism of a celebrity all in one post (get a life, how old are you, don’t u [sic] have better things to do, you’re just jealous)! Well done, e!

  37. ed mcmaster


  38. Dave

    Well, I’m convinced, caps lock lady.

  39. Mare

    I had heard about this site so I dediced to take a look. What I don”t understand is WHY do you people keep watching her if you hate her so much??? You know so much about her… you must be tuning in on a daily basis. I think it’s a Love/hate relationship!

  40. Carol

    I saw on tv the “I hate RR” sites and decided to look too. I’m amazed at how all of you seem to know every little thing about this person. Most people do many interesting things on their free time, I recommend the following: surfing, volunteering, jogging, cooking (you can cook as you please if you don’t like her recipes) fishing, grilling, reading, having sex, snorkeling, traveling, golfing, etc, etc. You RR haters are in fact the biggest losers I’ve ever encountered, to hate a person who is simply successful and who isn’t really harming anyone at all. Thats just plain envy to see a regular girl with such huge success and surely massive fortune RRRocks!

  41. Donna

    I used to watch 30 minute meals and always felt she’s made a name for herself by doing what any self-respecting Mom can do, feed your family in a hurry. Big deal. By the way, she’s always saying “the kids will love this…” WTF does she know about kids? When my grandson is with me, if RR is on, he will immediately want to turn off the tv. haha

    Okay, for those of you who can stomach her cooking show, gimme a break, her new show is ridiculous, and I can see she probably is a bitch in person, Long Island-sounding scratchy voice.

    I love Triscuits, but can’t have the package in the house. I wonder if they’ve seen a decrease in sales. haha

    RR SUX!!!! And to you Carol, RR IS doing harm, exposing us all to her horribleness.

  42. Ciara

    I can’t believe that you would be so petty and childish. You sure know alot about Racheal for someone who can’t stand her. Please spare me. You know that you sit and watch her everyday seething because you aren’t her. I don’t love her to death but I can’t stand people who act like you either but you are entitled to your opinion. She is a talented person and if you can’t stomach her as you say, you should just stop watching her. Because you know you do. You were the one who said that when your grandson is with you and “if RR is on” which means you watch. So stop BITCHING!!!

  43. Sarah

    Complaining that Rachael Ray is a money-grubber, uses obnoxious words, and is ignorant/borderline intolerant of vegetarians isn’t cruel–it isn’t any different that complaining about a politician whom you dislike–she *does* have the potential to influence the public (as she’s everywhere) and, if nothing else, she’s a respresentation of the vapidity that’s so prevalent in our society. Frankly, that’s annoying. I don’t think I’m superior to her as a human being; I just think she behaves badly. To those who are anti-bitching, I’m sure you’ve plenty a time complained about the driver tailgating you, or your stupid boss, or that one chick at the supermarket on her cell phone who just wouldn’t shut up already. Why is bitching so wrong when it comes to Rachael Ray, specifically? Because you like her? Well, good for you–please don’t interpret a dislike of Rachael as a dislike of you–that has nothing to do with it! Besides, bitching/complaining is a human thing to do.

    That said, I do wish people would think about the fat butt/fat chick/boob job comments before posting them. I know veganism is about compassion for animals but shouldn’t that compassion extend to other people, as well? I mean, if being vegan is about trying to do the right thing, why be exclusionary? Picking on her for things she can control (e.g. word choice, advertising gigs, etc). is fine but don’t pick on her for things she can’t control (poor thing *needs* a boob job? yeah, small boobs really make everyone suffer–please don’t reinforce the already-saturated ideals of fakery that prey upon low self-esteem). Fat-phobia is another form of cruelty, and does nothing for promoting any sort of change.

  44. Donna

    Thanks for the kind words Sarah. I’ll bitch all I want Ciara, by the way another stupidly spelled and sounding name. I suppose you pronounce it KEE-AR-AY or somethin.

    So sorry, but every single word you said has shown your ignorance. You’re wrong, I’m right and that’s it.

    RR’s faults lie mainly in her personality, I wouldn’t dream of attacking her ** tiny ones and ( i ) BIG one. Another thing she does wrong is shake that horrible hair right over the food…ewwwwwww….she needs a hairnet or somethin.

  45. marcy

    Wow after reading all this i can only say that everyone is entitled to there own opinions. i just cant take all the harsh things being said about her its like yall are obsessed with her or something if you dont like her why waste your time talking about her. i think that she is doing very well for herself and honestly its like the more you talk about her the more successful she becomes. no wonder this website doesnt get to her. rachael ray rules! (all yalls lives) love ya rachael ray keep on doing YOU girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. chris

    Why don’t all of you get a life instead of bitching about the people that have one!!!!!

  47. Kyle

    First of all please just stop the hating. Rachael Ray is Great, and for this site to even exist means that she is a bona fide star. So please back up off my girl, and yes I said it, My Girl Rachael Ray, because I love her and I think she rocks! Stop drinking hater-aide.

  48. Jocelyn

    I agree with kyle

  49. Jocelyn

    fuck yall haters cause yall can take yall website and shove it right up yall asses

  50. Erin

    Hey Jocelyn,
    SHUT UP! this is the haters club and if you don’t like it, get out and stay out. And please don’t say “YALL” it makes you sound stupid like lil’ mama on mtv, I hate that dumb bitch too. Any way, R.R. is a user she screwed a 65 year old anchor man when she was what 23? thats how she started her carreer besides taking someones place to cook in a grocery store. Luck of the draw is what you would call that. Yes she is part of the itty bitty titty committee but that is not a bad thing I hate people that are superficial. She is chunky for someone who hasn’t even had a kid though. EVOO is anoying. I’ve only cought a glimps of her bio on E. The sad part is, is that I live near her. She lives in Warrensburg upstate ny. But then I heard she was around the Lake George area. So R.R. lovers have fun finding her!!!!!!!

  51. Erin

    Someone needs to start a haters club on Duff and Charm City Cakes. They a f-cking discusting. I saw them put their fingers in their ears and run them thru their hair and wipe their noses on their sleeves all in just one episode. They don’t ever wear gloves. And if you’ve never noticed, when they transfer their cakes they don’t even attempt to cover them. So think about it when you have a window open in the car what happens? Air swirls around. Whats in it? Hair, dust you name it. Now that’s an ewwwwwwww!!! I rather make my own cake then eat someone elses ear wax, hair, snots, and dust balls. Hope you all enjoy this one and can agree. Sorry it’s not related to R.R.

  52. emmer

    WOW…if you guys hate rachael ray so much why don’t you just switch to a different channel,ignore her,whatever!!but slamming someone for being who they are is just ridiculous.it show’s how ignorant and classless you are.for a nation that’s supposed to be ‘sticking together’ you sure know how to rip each other apart…GET A LIFE!!

  53. Mike

    I used to like her but don’t now. The woman is obsessed with garlic and pasta. Every single recipe includes garlic and 90% of them have some point where you have to “drop” the pasta. Enough already. Not everyone loves garlic! I know it’s good for you but personally can’t stand it!

  54. Debheartrachael

    Just kidding about the name I am using…….well I do believe she is laughing all the way to the bank…..she is freakin rich. She gets paid VERY well to say Yummo, EVOO etc. I would probably say it too.

  55. Terri

    I love Rachael Ray’s 30 min. meals – so far, everything I’ve made has been wonderful. The ONLY thing I have a pet peeve on – is he scalp scratching. She does it on every show! I can’t think of one show she didn’t scratch her scalp. It’s just as groce as watching Paula Deen dipping her fingers into the bowl or food and licking it and going back or offering someone a taste. That is SO GROCE! And I will never forget the time that Paula had the Neely’s there and they were making a dish and reminded them how important it was to “wash their hands” – – oh PLEASE. But getting back to Rachael, hands on scalp and cooking afterwards just don’t mix with me.

  56. Laura

    All of you that Hate Rachael Ray are pretty sad people. With all that is going on in the world today maybe people should consider supporting a positive role model like Rachael. There really is something wrong with all those that use HATE before or after her name. I must ask all you people that HATE………………………..
    What is wrong with Rachael Ray doing what she loves, making amazing money doing it, promoting 30 minute meals for families to cook insted of eating fast food and if the worst thing she says is EVOO well I say to all those haters….. Get REAL, Grow UP and sorry about your bad luck because she will be around for a long time!!! YEAH

  57. Andrea

    Okay, so this comment is not about RR per se, but about that school of cooking popular right now. It was a recipe I saw in People magazine (hey, I was at a doctor’s office!), and it was a pasta meal advertising itself as being under $10 for four people. Except it had *an entire stick of butter* in it. Not kidding. And then grated cheese on top of that. It was some male B- or C-list celebrity chef who did it. Pasta + stick of butter + cheese + being sold as a reasonable meal = partly why the U.S. currently has such a weight problem.

  58. fedup91

    Honestly, this is ridiculous, rachael ray makes food on a t.v. show not in a restaurant, so hygiene really doesn’t matter, same with paula dean, i’m sure the finger licking stops when she’s at her restaurant. get a life. let’s see any of you come up with half the stuff either of them do, or in the case of rachael ray, get three shows and product endorsments without a single day of cooking classes. (because she hasn’t.)

  59. Jocelyn

    Hey Erin
    Why don’t you stop hating (for your f.y.i you spelled cought wrong dumbass its CAUGHT you BITCH). Now when you want to run your mouth about me your dumbass can’t even spell a common word. Do me a favor go back to the 3rd grade(if you can find it) and learn how to spell.
    Thank You!
    Have a nice day
    Hate none, love all

  60. Rachel Ray

    I totally agree with emmer’s post if you hate Rachael Ray so much then why you watch her show.

  61. Alex

    We detest RR, but sometimes watch her show for laughs, or is that indigestion? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, Laura, but fast food looks healthy next to Ray’s crap. She uses too many fatty meats and butter, too many chemical laden store-bought ingredients and way too much pasta. Not only is her example of poor kitchen hygiene dangerous to beginner cooks (probably the only people who don’t see through her atrocious cooking), but her use of EVOO at high temperatures also poses a cancer risk. Why would you overheat an oil whose average cost is nearly $20/bottle? Ridiculous! I guess when you’re so rich you could care less about how real people live. Real chefs know you reserve EVOO for salads, dipping and other unheated uses. That’s why they make olive oil in so many grades, so you can use the right one for the right purpose. I’m completely fed up with talent-challenged morons getting so much hype. Her nervous tics could drive one to madness.

  62. I used to watch RR too get get some coo recipesR H

    I like RR recipes but, l can’t watch her show too long because her rhapsy voice is like running fingernails across the blackboard!

  63. Judy

    Rachael, PLEEESE stop scratching your scalp, touching your hair and face during your cooking segment!!!! for god sake, that’s nasty….most of the stuff you laugh at is’nt even funny, yet you laugh with that GIGANTIC mouth – MY GOD WOMAN what a hole!!!!!and one more thing can you please stop with the hand gesters…it’s so annoying…Oh and while I’m at it…what’s with “OH MY GRAVY”…What is that????? EVOO, ITTY BITTY, DELISH,YUMMO, STOP IT…STOP IT…STOP IT………….I can’t watch anymore….enough is enough……

    I thought at first I wrote this!!! Does she have fleas/mites? I CANNOT watch this neurotic woman.

  64. Anthony

    Rachael Ray is proof that anyone in America, reguardles of talent, can become spectacularly wealthy. Brittany Spears is another. No talent, but with tons of sucess and money.

  65. Emily

    I think it’s too funny the comments telling “us” we don’t have to watch her, if we don’t like her. Yeah, that’s not Really the Point. We have had the misfortune of watching her, and now we are making observations…get it? Like the same morons who tell you to move out of the country if you have ANYTHING negative to say about how government is running our lives. ALSO not the point.
    I think the Worst thing about Ray Ray is her shamless sucking up, and I do mean SHAMELESS. I’ve also read that she isn’t really that nice at all. Fits the profile. A huge obnoxious Phony!!!! BARFFFFFFFFFFFF

  66. rena

    i feel better that i’m not the only one completely disgusted with this “woman”….. i say that because she speaks like an 8year old. and p.s. i do not choose to watch her revolting show. i work for old people and they alw;ays have her on while i’m hellping them. her voice, her fake personality, her phony and CONSTANT idiotic grin, the way s he crams her ugly body into tight clothes like she’s hot….she actually looks deformed, fat face, no neck, shoulders like a man, NO bosom, gigantic butt and thighs, yet she struts around like she’s gorgeous. all the retarded phrases, “yummo”, evoo, etc.
    i’ m tellin you, i can imagine punching her out and feeling better. i’m just so turned off by the fake-ness of this lady and even more annoyed that 99% of the country fails to catch on…i have to listen to stuff like “i like her so much, she’s so cute.” blech, hurl. and don’t even get me started on the messipes (recipes). gadzooks woman. she just makes them up on the spur of the moment. she put beer, shrimp and orange juice in one recipe. who the hell wants that??? and yes, i suppose i could be a “better” person and just not think about it or comment on it, but i do feel better knowing i’m not the only one grossed out by her and its cathartic for me to share. deal with it. if you’re a fan, go to the “i love RR” site and leave me the F alone. besides, there is a bigger point than just my ranting. if all the people (esp women) would get off this fake kick and start to keep it real, the world would be a better place. it’s just not genuine to grin idiotically and act like life is just sunshine and roses all the time. i like to be happy, but it is not accurate to say that people are all happy all the time. it’s a form of lying and it ticks me off. what’s wrong with wanting to relate to one another honestly and sincerely?

  67. Rhonda

    Sorry but we all have to blame foodnetwork in the beginning but then Oprah jumped on the bullsh*t wagon! Let us all hope it fades away!

  68. Michelle

    Rachael Ray and her fans are EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to see her everywhere. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. It’s like America’s Next Top Model is a Gargoyle and I’m the only one that thinks they may have made a mistake.
    Why are Rachael Ray supporters coming on the ‘I HATE RR’ website and saying WE have no life!!!!!!! For realz? You are the one on here wasting your precious time defending some “famous” woman and telling us to get a life? I think that’s the pot calling the kettle black if I ever heard it.
    I also HATE when people say you are jealous, that’s why you’re hating on someone…. um, no. If you can’t stand someone that much why would you want to be them? Thats just the go-to excuse to try to vindicate the hated. I’m in a really bad spot in my life right now but I seriously would rather be me than this famous rich woman. I wouldn’t want to have her personality.
    I just watched her show for the FIRST TIME (and I’ve disliked her for years. Strange that I know so much about her with no effort on my part to watch her…. because she is FORCED upon America) and within 15 minutes I had to change the channel. She had a cute sweet guest on her show who she CONSTANTLY interrupted and made several comments to him that were meant to be funny but were just rude. Also… her voice…. I just have this innate aversion to her being. In conclusion, the fact that so many people love her makes me scared for America and our human race as a whole.

    p.s. this took a whole 15 minutes out of my life so I’m sure I can manage to make the most out of the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of my day

    p.p.s……but let me break it down for you RR lovers… I’m saying that I HAVE a life because reading and posting on this blog didn’t take that much time… there is still a lot of time to fit in all the other things I do in a day… ok? Just making sure you get it because if you love RR I’m sure you need the extra explanation… if you can read at all LMAO

  69. jeanette wright

    I find RR annoying she always talks about healthy food and diets then she cooks pasta and burgers/sliders and over loads them with cheese, is she trying to kill her audience with blocked arteries.

  70. Barb


    I have to finally write a review on RR, every day now, she says something and right afterwards, she says “I know, right?” This is very annoying, I have stopped watching and agree with the others who can’t stand that raspy voice.

  71. hollie

    OK i can understand not liking someones style of cooking and maybe they get on your nerves because their face is everywhere or maybe even their voice might be annoying. but c’mon, you hate her? why are you such a hateful person? I am a vegetarian and i have my own opinion of what healthy is but i don’t bash other peoples eating habits. Plus its not like she is forcing all her fans to cook this food. they aren’t stupid, if they wanted to eat healthier, they would. What the hell is wrong with this world if you can decide you hate someone and everyone that likes them just because of a cooking show. get a life. you seem like a very hateful group of people and i feel really sorry for you. Keep in mind she is just doing what she loves everyday. Its not like her intention is to piss you off every episode (you aren’t worth that kind of effort). “RR fans are everything that is wrong with this world?” lol How small is your world? Because i think that the reality that most people live in has a lot more important things going on. I’m not saying I’m a RR fan. I rarely even see her show when I’m actually watching tv. I stumbled upon this blog when i was looking up some recipes and I have to say i am completely disgusted at how all of you act. like this is they way people should be. I would be completely ashamed of myself if I ever allowed myself to be half as hateful as all of you. if RR is what you think is wrong with this world, I strongly urge you to go out into the real world sometime and “hate” something important. something that is actually a problem. like starvation or genocide. Seriously? how shallow and closed minded can people get. You all are just plain stupid. Feel free to comeback at me with whatever bitchy and sad little comments you want, defending your completely asinine opinions, because i doubt I’ll ever see them. Nothing about this blog is worth revisiting. All of you need to spend sometime in the real world and some of you probably just need to get laid, maybe you would’nt be such uptight cunts. Get over yourselves.


  72. hollie

    And if you hate her show, DONT FUCKING WATCH IT! YOU DIPSHIT :D

  73. ryan

    if RR is what you think is wrong with this world, I strongly urge you to go out into the real world sometime and “hate” something important. something that is actually a problem. like starvation or genocide.

    I knew that if we tried hard enough, waited long enough, crossed our fingers enough, that we’d be able to get someone to mention Rachael Ray and genocide in the same sentence!


  74. gabby


  75. Ann

    Since “hate” is a bad word, I will instead use the word “dislike”. Reasons I dislike RR:
    1. “So Fresh” commercial makes me run for the remote bc I can’. Ear to hear, much less see it.
    2. After forcing myself to try and get into RR show, I fail to see how, why this women has such a following and I find myself changing the channel siting 5 minutes of trying to stomach her looks, voice, theme or so called “content”
    3. She is like “fake champagne” with too many bubbles.
    4. She looks as if she can’t wait for the director to say “cut” as she attempts to “provide entertainment”.

    And I could go on but I must say I’m slightly embarrassed I could dislike a person so much I’d take even this much time to vent all the while experiencing great relief I am not alone with these extreme feelings of dislike.

    I’ll take Martha Stewart over this woman on any given Monday and every Tuesday – Friday!

    Whew! I feel better all ready!

  76. david

    The reason i find rr to be so repulsive is not her many annoying idiosyncracies. What burns me is that any one individual could or would, in the unabashed name of self-interest, throw millions of waitstaff in thousands of cities and towns under the bus. This is morally and ethically disgusting. No tip in her $40 show was ever appropriate. The individuals who work those jobs work hard and often thankless jobs. Its not an easy way to earn a living and none of them are getting rich like rr. I appreciate her drive and will to succeed, but doing so by promoting what essentially comes down to stealing from such a huge subset of people is wrong on every level and clearly magnifies for me who and what this woman is… you can choose your own adjectives for her. A lot of people try to save money by being very judicial when it comes to spending money, but for her to have promoted saving money by cheating others crosses the line. Some people dont understand or agree that 15-20% is a proper tip to compensate a person who is serving you for one simple reason- the tip that results is their livelihood. I too buy store brands and look for good deals before spending hard-earned money, but i never stoop so low as to save a few bucks by stiffing the individuals who serve me when i dine out. And to promote such behavior to so many viewers who might not know better means rr should have an intense fear of something called karma.

  77. Stacy

    I, for one, am glad her 365 book isn’t vegan. The majority of this world are meat eaters–mmm, rare steak. Come on, even if Rachael decided to pen a vegan cookbook, chances are that there will always be someone to make fun of that too. Vegans are at the bottom of the food chain. I have a digestive disorder. I can’t even be a vegetarian. It’s not a very balanced way of eating. If you hate her, stop watching her shows. I can’t stand Anthony Bourdain. I certainly change the channel when he’s on. Simple as that that, folks. Life’s too short for that much stupid hate. Find something positive and move on.

  78. Kathy k ice

    I don’t hate her because you are not to hate anyone. She is cute and very smart. I do wish she would grow up. She is kinda sweet.what bugs me about her is, when someone gives a book are something to the audience. She says if you like this you have to go buy one for someone. Now the people giving it away don’t say that. And Rachael if you do that it is not FREE!. And grow up! You can be so silly. You disrupt people when they talk, let them talk! But one thing I can say is you are pretty and you can COOk. Just grow up! She has good tips.just don’t be so silly navy

  79. mary jean

    I agree with all these comments I’m an italian my parents came from europe and she is in insult to my nationality

  80. DC

    Rachael used to be good and her cooking show was good. BUT then she WENT HOLLYWOOD and turned into a CREEP !!!!
    She used to seem REAL now she is FAKE !!!! I have to wonder now if her
    HUSBAND can stand her !!!!!

  81. Peder

    She’s definitely the ‘c’ word! I hate her friggin face. Wish someone would bust her in the chops.

  82. ro

    I wonder, is there a clause in her contract that states that she has to mention her husband in every frigging show? It’s as if she cannot believe someone has actually married her. My husband this, my husband that.Very annoying.

  83. longbeach

    I’ve only seen the cooking show (not the magazine or daily show) but throwing ten ingredients in a bowl, dumping it on a plate and covering the whole mess with cheese is not really cooking, although it is how I prepare dinner for my dogs. Plus, can’t someone, a stylist or something, help her dress? How can someone so plump be so flat chested? There must be more flattering clothing choices out there somewhere…please, for the love of “gravy”, help this woman (I just threw up in my mouth a little for saying “gravy).

  84. Lori

    Wow, I have never heard so much hate in my life. It’s sad. You all must be so unhappy.

  85. Mayo

    WOOOOOW!! REALLY?! U ALL ARE FLAT-CHESTED :-/ “NOW STOP HATING AND GO EAT SOMETHING YOU PROBABLY JUST HUNGRY & RAN OUT OF CARE FREAKING VEGETARIANS !! Smfh get a life for realllllllllll tho plz!!! Like really !!? Whoever made this site …”your A idiot!!!!!!!!! and is so so sad !!! You in high school still or some stupid shit aren’t you? Smfh go go just go eat plz….. Get a life while your at it you all jealous of others success!! WHY NOT PUT THIS MUCH EFFORT INTO YOUR OWN…??!!?!? SAD….

  86. Nancy

    What bothers me about Rachael is that she will not let a guest talk. She always knows more than the they do. I’m surprised anyone would be on her show.
    I could care less about her bra size but she is such a no it all.

  87. nancy parry

    I cant stand the sound of her voice and her fake laugh she is a phoney

  88. Joann

    She is very rude to her guests. Never let’s them finish a sentence. It’s very annoying, can only imagine how they feel. Rachael you don’t know it all!

  89. Sarasota

    She is a sellout and a fraud. She talks like she is so nice but treats her guests and fans like crap!

  90. Lara

    I believe you Lisa. There’s something definitely false in all that smiling.

  91. Ana

    I have reached a point where I can’t stand her at all.
    First of all, her recipes are not kid-friendly and “healthful” as she claims. Grandma’s recipes can be kid-friendly but not healthy as a daily diet, hence the term “indulgence”. Rachael Ray takes indulgence to absurd levels. The classic Grandma’s recipes also have a way of making that ‘mac and cheese’ or dessert, the tastiest recipe of all. Her recipes are neither kid-friendly nor healthy-adult–friendly.

    Her mannerisms and childish jokes would be less annoying if she didn’t use them as her trademark. She interrupts her guests when they are making some important point with an inane joke. For e.g. There was a guy talking about dyeing gray hair with natural vegetable dyes. As soon as he started saying something valuable, she would interrupt with a “potato head” joke or silly things like how the hair was sticking to her forehead after applying the dye.

  92. Carol

    I hate how Rachael constantly interrupts her guests or finishes their sentences for them. It’s so rude. What does she thinks it makes her look smart??

  93. Bridge

    I’m watching this week in a day show and in addition to the annoying acronyms, raspy voice, tight/ revealing clothes and rather gross looking meals I just have to express my utter disdain for her ugly as feck baking dishes. You know the ones with the handles, and all the other colourful ugly utensils. Now don’t get me wrong I love colour but it’s just so ugly. I just don’t understand why anyone would prefer using those oversized gravy boats to a regular baking dish. For the record Rachael Ray… You are
    nothing compared to Martha Stewart, so stop even trying to compare.

  94. james

    Her favorite saying. “Right right right” I love the guests and the food stuff…but am sooo sick of her interrupting her guests and say right right right wtf is with the arms and hands constantly swinging around??? Get a grip someone needs to tell her how obnoxious it is. Stop! Its making me mute her when she talks haha

  95. Mr. Pete

    Agreed! I think she totally deserves a spot on the UpchuckWorthy website

  96. Ms M

    I agree with all of you… What really pushes the thorn in me, is not only that she interrupts, is obnoxious, loud and rude to her guests, but that she is constantly trying to pull the attention away from her guests and onto herself… And finally… I “never, ever” want to hear that RR phrase “I KNOOOOOOW” ever again… I couldn’t figure out at first why I always felt tense and angry after watching her show… But, because of all the reasons listed on this site, I now know and have stopped watching… It only took 2 weeks of watching her show to know that she’s not someone I’d want to sit next to on an airplane…. whew…. too much… lol

  97. carebear

    james & Ms M, I couldn’t agree more!!!!! I actually had to google to see if her new annoying “right, right, right” catchphrase was driving anyone else NUTS!! and when she YELLS “I KNOWWWWWW!!” I’m like “OMG SHUT UUUUPP!!!” I “literally” (another stupid catchphrase) can’t stand to hear her talk!!! I keep my tv on the same channel every day while I’m working at my desk, and when the RR show comes on, and I hear her LOUD mouth, I have to stop & press the mute button! I honestly can’t stand everything about her! I’m sorry, but it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me!
    It’s also funny how the first post was in 2009, and here it is 2014 and she’s still coming up with new ways to annoy people! Lol

  98. carebear

    correction…the first post was 2007

  99. Santorocco

    When you earn $18M per year, it’s not a stretch to dump about $20 worth of Reggiano onto every dish while chirping, “I KNOW….”

  100. Nancy

    She wasn’t raised properly or she would would have learned that’s it’s impolite to interrupt others when they are talking. Her guest try to tell something and she tries to finish each sentence. It seems like she has to always be talking. Rude!!!!

  101. Linda

    Can’t stand listening to her talk over everyone. She is very rude and obnoxious. Also, her hair should be up away from the food she is cooking. Very unsanitary!!

  102. Weedly

    She is awful. Fat. Obnoxious. Super-annoying upstate or western New York accent. Like my cousins. Probably votes democrat. Believes in Gore-bull warming. Is 420 friendly, look at that ass. Been hitting those brownies. Horrible knife skills. I can’t help but watch when she’s chopping shit. The aesthetics and colors of her cooking and bakeware are wretch inducing. Aint nobody got time for dat.

  103. Amalya

    I hate how she always calls herself an animal lover. I happened to have her show was airing last week; she was talking about how she was featured in a commercial for pet food and went on about being an animal lover. Fast foward a few minutes, and she’s cooking veal and lamb. Seriously?! What SANE person would eat babies that were separated from their mothers and slaughtered prematurely? If you eat meat, at least eat an adult animal! FYI, I am by no means condoning meat-eating (I’m vegan). Also, when you google, “Rachael Ray animal rights”, you will find that she donates money to the ASPCA and is a “supporter of the animal welfare groups”. Obviously, she can’t bother to change her eating habits, but can surely call herself an ‘animal lover’ when she’s actually just a dog and cat lover.

  104. ozzie

    She just never SHUTS UP. She constantaly interrups, screams, OHH MYYY GODDD, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. And the hair, the touching of the hair, the mouth, and just never letting anyone get a word in edgewise.

  105. lana


  106. lana

    I have heard she is a very nasty person IN PERSON. Naomi Campell was a guest and boy did she kiss ass. She’d better!

  107. Kayla

    I don’t watch her show. She cooks garbage..pure rubbish. She’s a mean person. The only asses she will kiss is the elite

  108. Tonya Singley

    Oh my God! Her voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard! Nothing she makes looks appetizing at all! So, why does this woman have a cooking show?! And for all you idiots on this page saying to stop bashing Rachal Ray…wtf are you doing on this page anyway?! We can just bash you if youd like.

  109. lorie

    I don’t like Rachael Ray because she talks over her guests. She interrupts as if people would rather hear what she has to say instead of her guests. She always has to be the loudest and most obnoxious she can be. I get sick of her syruppy disposition and big loud mouth.

  110. christie

    Used to love Rachael but cannot bear to watch her lately. Agree that she is just obnoxious with the phrases she uses – repeating words 3 times – and always interrupting guests. Think she needs a vacation. If she would watch her own shows she would probably turn them off also. Hope she can get it together.

  111. Dr. Pepper

    So now the cow’s cat food is recalled. Way to go RR. Just another reason to hate you. When will this C’s time be up. F U and John too. Also let others talk you may enjoy what they have to say… You know learn something new or about them…

  112. Elizabeth Wadsworth

    I personally don’t like Rachael Ray for a good reason. She was at a book signing for a cookbook of hers and I was a tad apprehensive because truly as the comments stated above, the food she makes is grossly fattening and she has the nerve to talk about weight loss when it was more than apparent at that time, as short as she is, in person she’s about 5’2″ at the very most..I’m 5’5″ and I was wearing flats and she was shorter than me when she was wearing heels. She stood up for a minute and I was like, man is she short..and she was about 15 lbs overweight..When you’re that short.. believe me.. you have to watch what you eat.. She was nasty to her assistants..there were a lot of people in line waiting for her to sign that stupid POS book of hers that, I’ll get to in a second as to what happened. She was over an hour late and the people, her fans, something I NO LONGER am and will never watch her show again. She’s a complete fake and I always suspected that little miss sunshine was fake.. I would never purchase any of her crappy cookware, etc., she did not apologize to anyone.. She was rude, obnoxious, didn’t speak in a nice tone to anyone..she needs to remember that if people don’t watch her crap show or buy any of her cookbooks, etc., she wouldn’t be making a cent.. for some reason, these losers who become famous seem to forget that it’s the people who bring them fame & money. Especially the money. She’s so fake on TV now that as I stated, I quit watching her show so long ago because of her attitude. I heard she is horrible to the staff she works with on her show. I heard she’s demanding, rude, nasty and just has the worst attitude towards everyone as if she’s some kind of God.. Oh hell no she’s not.. She’s boring and she’s a complete ass.. When I saw what she did, the lateness, the attitude towards people who were saying they were big fans of hers.. absolutely and unforgivably rude as they come.. I took that book that she was hawking and (if you want a huge ass, definitely buy her disgusting books) and you’ll be helping a true ASS make more money..something I’m not at all willing to do. Considering she never even apologized for being late and she even left early and left people waiting in a long line.. they were angry as hell and put her book back on the shelf and didn’t buy them.. I didn’t buy the book..It was pure fat and trashy recipes.. . I was questionable about her all along with the cheery attitude on TV..When I see people act like that, I know it’s usually fake as can be.. Who really truly acts that way?? No one.. only fakes do..That explains her fake attitude & her nasty attitude towards everyone else like she’s some kind of cooking genius….Nope she’s not..her food is so damned fattening and gross ..Extremely famous chefs and of course much better chefs, that are true chefs..they make food that is not only amazing in presentation but amazing in being healthy, great tasting, talking about organic, grass fed beef , organic, free range chicken if any kind of meat is involved…whereas Rachael makes what’s known as white trash food.. she’s a loser in my book because of the way she treats people who made her rich.. She’s an ass and I will never, ever, ever watch her show, buy a cookbook, watch her on anything..she’s a terrible person..When I find out for myself how these so – called celebs are, they lose my business..not that I ever really bought anything of hers.. She’s a complete fake and she’s a rotten person.. There is a good reason to dislike her.. This is a true story and I will never, ever help that woman make money.. I refuse to buy anything she has anything to do with.. Her show has become really lousy lately, so she’s about done as far as I can see.. I also heard that she and her husband have an open marriage. Why even bother to get married if you’re going to sleep with other people.. that is so utterly disgusting.. I think if you’re going to do this, what’s the point? It’s a joke.. She’s a joke. I find her husband that she talks about 1 billion times a second during her show, which I’m sure the producers made her do to make her family friendly.. Something she’s again, faking.

  113. bianca

    Rachael ray is annoying, because of her voice ,and she looks mean and a while back she had a guest on her show ,i forgot her name but she was so rude to her i don’t know if any one else saw that.? She gets to comfortable on television . She should practice on how to be and act on television. I tolerate her . Sometimes she lowers her voice down and doesn’t get out of hand . She act like a drunk lady

  114. Becca Baumgartner

    RR is a hack, a fraud, and a talentless wench who got lucky.

  115. Grandma Patches

    I am surprised nobody mentioned the ridiculous and atrocious way that Rachael Ray is stressing lately for her talk show. What is with the hokey ripped distressed jeans old T-shirt and sneakers? She looks as if she just finished cleaning all the toilets in the studio and did not have time to change before coming on onto her set. This is totally unacceptable for a talk show host, especially during a fashion or makeover session. She stands out like a sore thumb and it is apparent that Rachel Ray is the one who desperately needs the makeover. Wearing a blazer over this mess, does not make it dressy enough for TV.

  116. Kat

    If I see her Scratch her head one more time while she is cooking and use the same hand without washing and keep cooking I am going to Throwup!! Or hear her Burnt bread stories 1 more time.crap put the wine down and stand next to the oven or did you train your husband to fall for that!

  117. Judy

    Attempting to watch her show today sent me over the edge. Why does she stand up holding her chin on her hand as though she’s leaning on a table? She is the most neurotic person I’ve ever watched, and I agree with all the touching of her hair remarks. Why can’t she stand up straight and keep her hands away from her hair, her face and her chin. And who in the heck dresses her…she looks frumpy. Again, enough of the salt over the shoulder, “I KNOOOOWWWW,” laughing at her own remarks, and talking about how she burns bread. Not very proud of my remarks, but she drives me nuts, and I won’t be tuning into her show again.

  118. Donna

    I don’t like her because she is obnoxious and phony. She always laughs at her own stupid jokes and never shuts up. I can’t handle watching more than five minutes of her show. Get real for once in your life Rachel!

  119. Tim

    She is so fake tries to be funny which she is not smart which she is not. Relevant which she is not. Just a media darling whose 15 mins of famed should have ended years ago

  120. Jen

    Also, it seems like whenever she has a baker or a DIY/crafty person on her show she messes up their projects and then laughs about it. How would she like it if she were on another show and the host screwed up her segment? Just another way she’s rude to her guests.

  121. Aussie Foodie

    I’d never even heard of Rachael Ray before last week – Australian TV shows actual real cooking with healthy ingredients. I’m a big fan of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals. Then last week we were subjected to RR’s 30 minute deep fried, fat smothered, cheese basted horrors … and they try to tell us this slop is FOOD?? Her horrible accent and disgusting attitude toward unhealthy food is now blasted across Australian TV, whether we like it or not. It’s an insult and she disgusts me. Keep her on your side of the pond please.

  122. Owen Story

    the Comments I was reading on Reddit about Rachel Ray a lady’s boyfriend that was working at front desk in some hotel she was checking in man was commenting her he said Ray your cooking is amazing I really enjoy watching you enjoy your stay. her response ewww don’t talk to me. the next morning she passed by he said Rachael sorry to bother you I just wanted to know how is your stay here? her response was fine but I’m getting of stupid people trying to talk me.

  123. Kevin Michael Smith

    Lots’a nasty, small minded, mean comments here. Can you do better? Or are you just nasty, small minded, and mean people? Stop the Hate, Love all, Hate none.

  124. I've tried to watch her show

    I have tried to watch her show, but it’s hard to watch Rachael Ray get away with constantly being rude to her guests. I have noticed that there were some guests that she could not seem to overpower. What is their secret? Rachael Ray is rude to her guests ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!! How??? This may be my first time ever writing a review about a person on TV. Lol. What made me do it was when she had some woman from Australia or Austria come on her show. Rachael Ray said this was the first American talk show that the woman had ever been on. Rachael Ray commented on how the woman had such a huge gigantic following on social media, and that her staff is all in love with this woman, and that she is all they talk about. Then she used the word “cult” in association with the woman and followers. When it came time for the woman to demonstrate healthy recipes, Rachael Ray completely took over EVERYTHING the woman was trying to show us as if the woman was a docile muted sheep. Though the woman kept a smile on her face, I doubt that she was feeling happy about her experience. I felt a huge amount of compassion for Rachel Ray’s guest. Maybe Rachael Ray only brought her on the show to make a fool out of her because she was jealous of the woman because of how the world has responded to her. I no longer watch the show. Now I know not to go onto her show no matter how much she begged me to because it might be a setup to look stupid in front of the world.

  125. Jennifer

    The name of her new cookbook makes me want to rip her head off.
    It’s called ” everyone is italian of Sunday”. No, you stupid bitch, only Italians are italian on Sunday!!! Someone sound shoot her.
    Also, she is obsessed with waffles

  126. Jennifer

    This is is answer to a comment made by
    Kevin Micheal smith.

    Yes, I can do better. I actually know how to cook, I don’t butcher the English language , I don’t talk over people, I don’t use the Olsen twins as a fashion guide, I don’t group all nationality’s into one, and I have it on good authority that I’m not a total twatwaffle

  127. Jennifer

    I’m reading all of the comments,
    My question is this, all of you people that are defending her and saying ” don’t you have anything better to do”
    Well, you took the time to defend her, do I guess you have nothing better to do either.
    I have never watched her show. Heard a lot about it. I was in a doctors office and she was a guest on a morning show. That is where I learned the title of her new cookbook that insulted me highly. And that is why I hate her. Why don’t you people go to the ” I love Rachel Ray” blog… You might have to start one first….. Pretty sure nobody loves her enough to blog about it,

  128. Richard

    God I hate the way she over talks her quest and takes over their presentation. She constantly talks to the audience like we are 2 yr olds. And how about every time she has a quest that has some type of show themselves she begs them for an invite. Please cancel this show

  129. Melissa

    I started out a fan. Really, I even own her first cookbook. But she seems to become more obnoxious and rude as the years progress and as her success increases. I hear many stories of how she is not nice when the cameras are not on her. And I cannot stand the way she constantly plugs her husband on that show of hers.

  130. JoAnne

    Oh, thank you. I’ve been thinking that I was the only person in the Americas that finds Rachael Ray annoying. Kevin Michael Smith hit the nail on the head – she butchers the English language , talks over people (she thinks she’s an expert on EVERY subject – if so, why do her producers/writers bother to even bring on guests? – that’s my biggest complaint about her, that and the recipes she presents show little to no knowledge of nutrition. Please, the US is having enough difficulty in the world showing that we are a world leader, let’s not make matters worse by airing twits. So glad I have TV Land for entertainment.

  131. Rick

    By chance came across this website and the amount of venom being dispensed is amazing. It is a cooking show so why attack the appearance of the cook which has nothing to do with the food. If you can’t say anything nice about a person don’t say anything at all for silence is golden and says it all.

  132. Susan

    I can’t listen to her because she just won’t shut up. No one else can get a word in edgewise (even a guest after she asks them a question).

  133. Michael Burch

    I agree with other posts about Rachael being desperately in need of a boob job. One of the first times I saw her on TV some years ago, I remember being taken aback at how disproportionate her upper and lower body are (probably exaggerated due to her rather diminutive stature). A proper, and proportionate, boob job would do her a world of good.

  134. ryan

    OK, when the discussion starts drifting to her physical traits it’s time to shut this shit down. I still am not a fan of Ms. Ray, but we’ve clearly hit the bottom of the barrel in terms of discussion here.


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