Site update


If you’re actually visiting the site and not seeing this in an RSS reader, you’ll notice that the look and feel of the site has changed again.  I was never totally pleased with the earlier version and when I came across this theme yesterday, I decided it was finally time to switch it over.  Ideally, I would have designed my own, but with how tight time is these days, I figured it’s better to devote attention to content rather than the appearance.  So, I’ll be using this theme for the foreseeable future and making small tweaks to it over time.

Let me know if you stumble into anything that looks really awkward or goofy.

2 Responses to “Site update”

  1. Becci

    Looks good!

  2. Mike

    I agree: looks fine to me. Your diligence effort to keep the high-quality content coming on has been both successful and appreciated. I was actually looking at the site a few months ago thinking “Why doesn’t he try to make it prettier?” Then I looked through the long, long list of old posts, read through several at random, and realized “Oh, it’s because he’s concentrating on keeping it _smarter_.” And you clearly are. Your loyal readers appreciate it.

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