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For some reason, the regular Daily Links haven’t been posting the last few days. If you’re fiending for your fix, head over here to see them.

More Anti-Vegan Sentiment


Vegans Sentenced for Starving Their Baby


Some variation of this story pops up about once a year in the mainstream press.  You may remember the baby that died thanks to his supposedly vegan parents that fed him cod liver oil (NOT VEGAN).  Or the fruitarian parents who were spared jail after their baby died.

The thing is, if you look at this story, the fact that the parents were raising their children vegan has no bearing whatsoever on the story.  The child didn’t die because he wasn’t eating meat, he died because he was (allegedly) fed only soy milk and apple juice.  I’ve got news for you: if you feed your child only cow’s milk and apple juice, they’re going to die, too.

Veganism is not the issue here.  It’s poor parenting.

But thanks to the obsession with making vegans look like crazy loons, readers will continue to take away the wrong message from the story.  Instead of it being a terrible tragedy (allegedly) brought on by neglectful parents, it becomes a sweeping generalization about vegans.  In fact, as I was writing this post, an e-mail came in with a link to the story, followed by this witty comment:

Save a cow …. Kill your baby!
Vegans are sick SOB’s

As regular readers surely know by now, it can be perfectly healthy to raise a child as a vegan.  In fact, all of the vegan kids I’ve met have been healthy, vibrant, and well-adjusted.  Yeah, parents need to do a little research to make sure their child’s nutritional needs are met, but that’s not limited to vegans.  Every parent needs to read up on diet and nutrition.

Unfortunately, these unfair portraits of vegan (or supposedly vegan) parents are catchy news fodder for press and pundits.  It’d be nice if the press would leave “vegan” out of the story (and here, the headline) if it doesn’t have any real bearing on the story itself, but that doesn’t generate the same kind of buzz.

(This is fair warning: I’m not going to let this degrade into a flurry of idiotic comments.  If you’re commenting on the story, bring your A-game.)

Quick site update


Hey y’all… I’ve been a bit quiet recently, so I wanted to do a quick update.

First of all, I’m really starting to dislike this temporary design for the site. Expect a new (hopefully more permanent) version of the site shortly.

Secondly, I love Portland. Right now, I have my slave out picking up some vegan waffle sandwiches with maple spread and garden sausage from a food cart. Even if I don’t live here, a piece of my intestinal tract always will.

Thirdly, yesterday I met Julie Hasson, one of the three chefs on the new Everyday Dish DVD. We just met over e-mail recently, but it was nice to catch up with her in person and eat some food she made. I also got to meet and chat with the legendary Chad and Emiko from Food Fight. They were very excited about doing laundry.

More soon, including lots of pictures and restaurant reports from this trip to Portland. My slave is back, so I’m going to go eat.