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  1. darrek

    I had a question for Miss Manners too:

    “DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have a business acquaintance who, after meeting her husband, became a Jew, and is now an orthodox Jew. They are so happy and in love with their world that they proselytize their food choices and practically insult those who are comfortable with their own eating habits.

    As annoying as this is, my concern is that they would like to host the annual company event at their home. When I entertain at home, I provide a range of food and libation so as to cover everyone’s dietary restrictions.

    But I know that they will serve only kosher foods, no dairy drinks, and food that many in the larger group don’t necessarily enjoy, along with lots of alcohol, which is amusing given their religious concerns. They will not allow anything other than kosher foods in their home, which is their right.

    There is a feeling among the workers that these two are incredibly rude and controlling.

    They are more senior in the company, so everyone will go along. Since the party is for the employees, however, it seems unfair that at a party that is meant to show appreciation, everyone will be forced to eat what the hosts like, versus the standard buffet choices.”

    I’m anxious to hear what Miss Manners has to say though something tells me it’s doubtful that I ever will.

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