Vegans who eat corn dogs aren’t vegan


I was listening to the good ol’ Don and Mike Show the other day on the way home from work and was surprised to actually hear the word “vegan” make it onto the show.  Of course, it was first with a tone of disdain from Mike (“Everyone likes a good steak now and then.  But she might be one of those vegans.”) followed by an absolutely baffling statement from Don, along the lines of:

“My nephew is getting married to this girl who’s as vegan as you can be.  You know what she had the other night for a snack?  A corn dog.”

A vegan that eats corn dogs?  Definitely not vegan.  That’d be like a self-proclaimed progressive voting for Bush.

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  1. Jon

    Trader Joes sells vegan corn dogs that are absolutely delicious. It’s possible that he mistook hers for one of these?

  2. Bryan

    The first thing I thought of was a vegan corn dog, too. An omnivorous observer probably wouldn’t think such things existed.

  3. ryan

    I was thinking that might be the case, but something in Don’s tone made me think he was mistaking her for a vegan (ie. maybe he was equating vegan with someone that eats primarily “health food”).

    As a side note, I didn’t realize Trader Joe’s has vegan corn dogs. I might have to try those.

  4. TurboFool

    Are the Morningstar Farms corn dogs merely vegetarian and not vegan?

  5. Alison

    This is so annoying! Ever heard of *vegan* corn dogs?

  6. VeganMel

    Vegan corn dogs are awesome. Here’s a recipe:

  7. coocoogallyeyes

    i can’t believe this guy didn’t get the corndog joke.
    and trader joes is evil.. those who believe that junk deserve to be poisoned.

    and since when does vegetarian mean different than vegan? vegetarians don’t eat any meat or product of meat.

    duh…. ignorance is bliss. these vegetarians who eat meat? dairy? eggs, fish? heh, they’re omnivores ok? sheesh.

  8. coocoogallyeyes

    hey vegan mel? that’s not a vegan recipe.

  9. Steph

    I think (seeing as these radio show hosts are known for being a little risque) that they were not referring to food. They were referring to a sex act (corn dogs, at least around these parts, involve anal sex).

  10. ryan

    coocoogallyeyes — er… why not?

    Steph — if I recall (and it has been a while), I didn’t get any indication they were alluding to a sex act.

  11. Ralph

    I just think he was making a joke that because of the corn in her corndog, she was “vegan” (or “more vegan” than if she were just eating a link).

  12. Mar

    coocoogallyeyes i happen to be a vegetarian who still consumes eggs and dairy. we are called lacto-ovo vegetarians. know your gab before you blab.

  13. May

    We know what lacto-ovo vegetarians are. However, she was pointing out the discrepency between the word vegetarian (which refers to someone who eats plants) and eggs and dairy ( which aren’t plants and therefore aren’t really vegetables, no?)

  14. susan

    actually, the corndogs at trader joes are vegetarian..BUT they are NOT vegan

  15. Gwen

    I am eating vegan corn dogs as I read this. No kidding.

  16. john

    Sorry, but I hate people that are to stupid and closed minded to realize that we obviously chose this lifestyle so WE KNOW what we’re eating and whether or not there is meat in it. It doesn’t take a genius to realize they make products for vegetarians/vegans that have a similar taste, consistency, or look to meat products. Either she was eating a vegan corn dog or she’s not a vegan. Plain and simple.

  17. lily

    i get this all the time. I’ll tell someone “i’m having a burger for lunch.” and most times they’l reply, “aren’t you vegan?” I don’t understand why people think i would be talking about meat. I mean meat substitutes are pretty common in today’s day and age. I also really dont think that someone would be dumb enough to claim to be a vegan and openly eat a regular corn dog…
    Either way it’s kind of a bitch and a half to always have to specify the type of burger im going to eat. What if one was expected to always specify that they were eating a meat patty burger? I expect that if you know im vegan you should know that any kind of “meat product” i talk about isnt really meat

  18. ben

    Gwen, where do you get vegan corndogs? I’ve never seen them anywhere!

  19. Hawkes

    I’m not sure how long ago people posted about the “Trader Joes Vegan Corn Dogs”, but unfortunately they are NOT vegan. I’ve been hearing a lot of products claiming to be vegan from trader joe’s are NOT vegan at all – lanolin from sheep, dye from bugs. That sort of stuff. So if anyone out there sees this, don’t eat the trader joe’s vegan food until you can assure yourself it is vegan! Call, e-mail, ask, but don’t fall for the lie!

  20. Cassandra

    the corn dogs at Trader Joe’s aren’t vegan. They contain milk and eggs.

  21. Rebecca

    NO, Morning Star Farms corn dogs are not VEGAN, they contain milk and eggs

  22. Rebecca

    NO, Morningstar Farms corn dogs are NOT vegan. they contain milk and eggs.

  23. Rev.v.AME

    Vegan, Vegetarian, what’s the difference.? We all have our own preferences for food we eat and whether you’re a veggie(who would eat seafood or poultry/dairy/egg) or vegan, it’s all under the big ‘Vegetarianism’. Veganism does exist of course, but it came LATER than Vegetarianism, as a variant. People who are SO strict about Veggie / Vegan and forcing their stance to everyone else, judging who’s vegan and who’s not are forgetting how Vegetarianism was founded and what the goal was in the first place. Stop showing off your badges, stop judging other people. Being a vegan or veggie means you DO care about your eating habit, to live healthy and happy – not to become better than others.

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