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  1. Marcy

    Yeah “Hitler was a vegetarian” is right up there with variants on “If you don’t eat meat, you’ll die” and “If you were on a deserted island with nothing to eat but a box of steaks that washed ashore, wouldn’t you eat it?” for Dumb Veg Comments I Could Really Go The Rest Of My Life Without Hearing Ever Again. Dumb Vegan Comment Most Heard, after listing that I don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs or honey, and adding that I don’t consume animal products, would have to be “Oh but you eat fish, right? That’s vegetarian.” To which I like to respond “Name me the plant a fish comes from, because I’ve never seen a plant that grows brains, guts, eyes, and the like”.

  2. bazu

    YES. I need a file of pithy and fact-filled comebacks for evey inane question/comment I get. My favorite? Milk doesn’t kill cows! They want you to milk them! Their udders would explode if you didn’t! Where do I START with that one?? grrr.

  3. Marcy

    Oh man! yeah that cow one too. and to add insult to injury, and more on the topic of ‘common veg faqs/complaints’ last night i went to pickup a prescription and it was softgels i.e. gelatin. so i not only had to return it right away but this means a very complicated, last-resort prescrip that took the better part of a month to arrange and all sorts of complex protocol was for nought. again. why are there no forms of this and most other meds in caplet or liquid suspension form? “Because it’s easier to take that way”. Right. Or not be able to take it at all, in my case. And this is a prescrip form an office I’ve used for years and gotten into major details/prescrip switched with over ‘can’t take it it’s got gelatin and i’m veg’ and it’s noted therefore allover my damn chart.

    sigh. stupid gelatin. it gives me more probs than whey or casein, and that’s saying something. it’s in so many candies/jello stuff, but the real porblem are meds. It’s in so many meds, inlcuding prescrips without other options. what the hell is a dedicated veg to do???

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