At Jamba Juice, Non-Dairy = Dairy


Now we all know about the farce that is non-dairy creamer, right?  For whatever reason, non-dairy creamer is allowed to contain, um, dairy.  Makes total sense.  Something silly about removing the fat and then, voila, it’s no longer dairy.  Uh-huh.

Well, The Consumerist has uncovered the ingredients that are part of Jamba Juice’s proprietary “non-dairy” formula:

Water, Grade A Nonfat Dried Milk, Grade A Whey, Grade A Whey Protein Concentrate, Splenda, Sodium Alginate, Maltodextrin, Pectin, Carrageenan, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Natural Flavor, Annatto.

Feel free to contact Jamba Juice and let them know that this ain’t cool.

7 Responses to “At Jamba Juice, Non-Dairy = Dairy”

  1. Jul

    Are non-alcoholic beverages allowed to contain alcohol, too? This could get tricky…

  2. Billy

    Take ’em to court! Gross. Morons.

  3. Marcy

    Yeah that was like when I found out the hard/Paranoid Vegan way about au bon pain’s salad dressings. They started adding fish chum to all of them some time ago, but nowhere is this mentioned. Not only is it practically impossible to read size 4 font circling the outside of a one-use salad dressing container, but it wasn’t labeled anything having to do with fish, it was something starting with an S and the taste made me suspicious enough to google it and find out that of all things, my salad thus had meat in it. gross gross gross. I hate that place, I stopped going there since.

  4. ryan

    Yeah, meant to link this up as well… very odd the mixed messages they’re sending. Hopefully when they make their ingredient lists available this year, it all will become more clear.

  5. Kevin

    I think it’s all just confusion. “Non-dairy ‘dairy'” is just a (too-clever) heading in their ingredients book. Cory Doctorow thought this was a real ingredient and started all the fuss about nothing.

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