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Why am I seeing so many trolls on the site these days? The anti-veg crowd really seems to love visiting (and commenting on) this site. I just can’t understand the mindset where you’d waste time getting purposely riled up with people you apparently hate. I mean, I don’t subscribe to a single anti-veg or pro-meat feed and lord knows I’ve never wasting my time commenting at one of their sites.

I dig alternative viewpoints, but some of these folks seem to have flown in from way out in left right field.

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  1. Jared

    It is just like anything else anti “norm”. Anything that attacks their personal views or expectations they fight. Anything that makes sence they fight and make up lame excuese. Their mom told them eating meat and dairy is good and good for you and they don’t want to believe that dear old mom was wrong so they hold dear to it and attack what is right because they were told by mom it isn’t.

    Or something like that…


  2. Elizabeth

    WOW! I had the SAME problem! It was so upsetting I didn’t even want to write for a little while. It seems like some of the people who get the most upset maybe have the most animal hormones streaming through their bloodstream making them uncontrollably and irrationally angry.

    I remember thinking, why is this person reading my blog? It was so strange! And the post he was responding to was so harmless! It was about why I don’t eat animal products and it started and ended with please eat what works for you I am just telling you my experience. I actually pulled the post, I so much didn’t want to go down that road with my blog experience. So I googled vegan blog and found you just now, thinking wow I need to join my own kind for a little while here!

    I am still a little in shock from the comment I received.

  3. Marcy

    Sorry you’re dealing with this. I used to write an essay style issue-driven blog too, and got tired of the trolls (and the spammers, and the random people writing sexual dialogue back and forth having nothing to do with the site, etc).
    It’s not just veganism/veg stuff. It’s really anything. I was just seeing the same sort of thing going down on the Best Friends Animal Society site. They have a lot of members into veg/vegan/animal rights issues, but they have a wider range of folks who donate and help out, and they’re cool with that, as am I. Anyways, lately they’ve been getting bombarded with not simply hate mail and bickering over political issues (they are working with animal rescue groups in Lebanon and Isreal) which are merely tangential at best to the work being done…they have actually been getting people saying in addition to pulling their donations, they are going to “report you to Fox News”.
    Since when do people troll sites to report it to Big Brother news agencies? It’s so completely McCarthy era, it’s bizarre. It’s not just “ok I won’t support you, here’s my complaint, and I’ll tell others I know in case they will boycott you too” now it’s a matter of reporting to places like Fox News or worse, Patriot Act type agencies considering all animal rights/environmental/peace activists to be default terrorists and “un-American”. I don’t want to be a downer though, I sincerely hope that, like the ’50s, this too shall pass.

  4. Alice a.k.a. "Marcy's Mom"

    Well, I’d hazard a guess that way too many of the trolls/eejits involved have simply gotten so gigantically obese from eating so much dead flesh, that all they can do it sit at the computer 24/7 & vent their self-hatred. (Beats looking in the mirror….) Btw, saying “your are what you eat” is a true insult to all the critters being consumed by the meat-fanatics.

  5. Elizabeth

    Right on Alice! Hey where is your blog? I would love to read it!

    I am so tired of being attacked for what I am eating by people who are clearly not making good choices for themselves. And then when you are a guest having to apologize for not eating the toxins they are offering. And the inevitable conversation about why, why, why not…I have just decided next time I am attacked to just say don’t attack me and refusing to feel the need to explain myself.

  6. Marcy

    Elizabeth, think you got confused between my (Marcy’s) and my mom’s (Alice’s) comments…I guess you were commenting in reply to what she’d said, but mixing it up with my stating right before it that I *used to* run such a blog. My mom has never had a blog and didn’t mention one, so that’s why I guessed such.

  7. Sunil

    I find it disheartening that people will troll this site in particular. I think that Ryan’s take on these issues is non-abrasive and open. Meat eaters aren’t attacked, just reasoned with. I guess people don’t bother to read anything. They just see the name of the blog and fire off an email or comment.

  8. josh herbivore



    one thing about trolls, if you let them talk long enough (oh like 4 seconds ussually does it) they hang themselves pretty good. still annoying, but they do help prove our points sometimes.

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