My dad: funny guy


My parents are coming to visit soon as are some long-time friends of the family. My dad’s always a good sport about eating vegan when they visit, but he decided to have a little fun by creating a mock menu for this weekend to scare the family friends a little bit. Here’s my dad’s vision of a vegan menu. What a funny guy. :)


A delicately seasoned leek soup served with a lemon grass gently dusting its surface.

Main Course

A vegetable bouillon flavored soy emulsion lightly seared in a non-dairy substitute and then boiled to perfection in a lite vegetable stock.

In addition, a mouth watering turnip, okra, brussel sprout medley seasoned and marinated in a clear vegetable broth partners with the above entree to form a light but satisfying repast.


Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, the meal is topped off with a dessert that will be long remembered:

A delicate watercress souffle topped with a drizzling of non-dairy pan drippings.

Bon Appetite!

I particularly like the idea of using watercress for dessert.

4 Responses to “My dad: funny guy”

  1. bazu

    How sad am I that most of that menu actually sounds good to me..?! Mmmmm, okra…

  2. Ryan

    Actually, yeah, that part of the menu doesn’t sound too bad. :)

  3. Sunil

    That is hilarious! I wish everyone had that sense of humor. Also, the new site looks great.

  4. ryan

    Thanks. Wish I could take credit for it — it’s just a WordPress theme that I liked.

    I will be giving it a little bit more of a personal touch, though, as time goes on.

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