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I’ve been meaning to plug the Invisible Voices blog for a while now.  It’s run by Deb, who I met for the first time this past weekend at Poplar Spring.  Deb does all sorts of activism, from leafleting to writing letters to writing some really well thought-out entries on her blog.  And, oh yeah, she’s an amazing photographer as well (check out a lot of her Poplar Spring and Peaceful Prairie photos on her blog).

It’s really amazing how many great vegan blogs (and blogs by vegans) have popped up over the last few years.  When I started the Veg Blog, there were no others that I could find.  Now there’s so much amazing stuff out there to read, no matter what stage of your vegetarian/vegan journey you’re at.

Rock on, Deb, and keep up the great work.

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  1. Deb

    Hey Ryan! Thanks for the plug!

    It was so cool meeting you this past weekend. It was getting almost comical that we hadn’t met yet. Terry would say “you know ryan, right?” And I felt like I did, but had to admit “only online.”

    Hope to see you again! And hopefully your daughter and wife too! :)

  2. Paul H.

    Sorry this is off-topic.

    I’ve been losing weight lately (not a bad thing, but I’m hungry) because where I work there’s not much veg food around. Mostly it’s a few chinese restaurants, none of them that good. I have to inspect each bite to make sure there are no contaminants, if you know what I mean. Often I find something and then the rest goes to the dog (who is more of a vegetarian than a lot of ‘vegetarians.’) (Also, if our cats want meat, they have to catch a mouse.)

    Anyway, my latest strategy was to order entrees such as ‘string beans in brown sauce,’ because it’s easy to spot a piece of meat in string beans. Then I wondered what ‘brown sauce’ is, and a Google search reveals that a lot of recipes use beef stock. And apparently some put clam sauce in the white sauce. How can they be so evil? I swear it’s a plot to starve the vegetarians.

    Typically, when asking about ingredients at Chinese restaurants, the response is something like ‘You want to order?” and the feeling is that they have no idea what a vegetarian is.

    Do you ever have to deal with this sort of stuff?

  3. Deb

    Paul H: always ask about meat broth and fish sauce at asian restaurants for the sauces, or just say “no meat broth, no fish sauce.” If you’re not comfortable with their response, just go for steamed rice and stir fry veggies. it will fill you up enough for when you get home and can make your own dinner. If you find a place you can trust, keep going back there, and tip well. It is worth the extra fifty cents or whatever to have them remember you with a smile.

    fish sauce is more common at thai places, beef or chicken broth at chinese. even when ordering from the vegetarian section at places, I specify “no fish sauce, no meat broth” You might also ask if they make their sauces fresh, because if they do, they can easily make it to order.

    I think it is safe to say we all have to deal with this on a regular basis – or at least, most of the time we go out to eat, unless we’re going to vegetarian or vegan places. It gets easier.

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