links for 2006-12-29

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  • Videos uploaded by Doug Abel from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Only two there now, related to Herbie the calf that escaped in Brooklyn around the holidays. Good stuff (though the news reporters are crazy annoying in that news reporter way.)

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    Happy New Year from the Vegetarian Museum!
    Visit our holiday mini-exhibit at
    Read of abolitionist and animal liberationist John Grimes, MD, who in the 1850s held vegan Christmas dinners for the town of Boonton, New Jersey.
    Also on our site: learn of the life of vegan A. Bronson Alcott (1799-1888), and the work of Emarel Freshel, who in 1911 founded an animal liberation and vegetarian group in Boston.
    Vegetarian Museum also has old-fashioned recipes, vintage postcards, and new articles.

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