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  1. Mary

    This is a touchy issue for me, because I’ve given to Heifer in the past. I started doing it before I went veg and became so dedicated to AR issues. But in the midst of my transition, I didn’t want to stop my annual gifts to Heifer because I enjoyed contributing to what Guidestar once called “the only truly successful hunger program.”

    But I realized later on that there was no way I could give to Heifer and ignore the fact that the flock of chicks I gave would one day become “spent hens” after they stopped producing eggs. I would love to find a charity or hunger program that was more in line with my opinions, but Ive yet to find one.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Colleen

    LIke Mary, I too donated to Heifer before going veg (I actually donated money for tree seedlings in friends’ names as holiday gifts). The year after I went veg I got their brochure in the mail and I remember looking at it and having the sudden realization of how they used so many different kinds of animals and it shocked me how I didn’t see it before. Thanks for this post and giving us alternatives for donating.

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