Vegan Zine Roundup


I got into zines pretty late in the game.  I have a few from high school that friends put together, but didn’t really start tuning into the “zine scene” until well after I should have.  There’s something special about the personal, handmade nature of zines that’s hard to resist. And since Portland is both the “zine mecca” and “vegan mecca,” it should come as no surprise there are a load of good vegan zines and cookzines out there.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and while I was working on it, I came across this page of vegan zines. It’s far more complete than this post will be. Here, I’ll just cover a few that I’ve collected over the last couple of years.


  • Soy Not Oi!: The classic that everyone’s heard of. Lots of recipes, essays, and nifty little illustrations. I wonder what the Hippycore Krew is up to ten years later.
  • We Need to Eat: Similar in style to “Soy Not Oi!,” “We Need to Eat” focuses on affordable, quick meals.
  • The Frugal Vegan’s Harvest & Holiday Survival Guide: We use this one a lot, all year long. Some successes we’ve had include the super easy curried potato-broccoli soup, the buckwheat pancakes, and the veggie pot pie. Also has fun holiday gift ideas (why did I never think of packing the dry ingredients of cookie mixes with a card about how to finish the recipe?).
  • Don’t Have a Cow: Recipes from varied sources and lots of well thought-out writing on veganism and animal rights. This is one of those zines that you’ll read over repeated sittings so that you can take it all in. I’m sorry to hear, though, that the author’s not a big fan of Herbivore. But he is a fan of the veg blog, so I guess that gets him some bonus points.

Two (well, three, technically) cookbooks that are compiled from several issues of vegan cookzines — full reviews are forthcoming:

Some non-cooking zines from veg*ns (this is a very incomplete list since it seems lots of zinesters are vegans, so I’ve just included ones from veg blog regulars and folks I’ve talked with):

  • Geraniums and Bacon, et al.: Lots of varied goodness from a veg blog regular.
  • Invincible Summer: An Anthology: This anthology of Nicole J. Georges’ stuff is a great read and includes some gems about her time interning at Farm Sanctuary California.
  • sisu: A thought-provoking zine by long-time veg blog reader johanna. #3 turned me on to a kind of fun book titled The City, Not Long After that I would have never stumbled across otherwise.

Any to add?

3 Responses to “Vegan Zine Roundup”

  1. johanna

    hey, thanks for the plug! i’m glad you enjoyed the zine. :)

    & i love _hot damn & hell yeah_ (i got it right before it came out in book form w/_the dirty south_, so i don’t have the combo pack… yet)!

  2. gladcow

    I love Raggedy Anarchy’s Guide to Vegan Baking and the Universe (listed on the page you linked to). The frosting recipe is verrrrry similar to the vegan buttercream recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I’ve been depending on it for years.

  3. kris

    I like to read Croq, which a crafty zine with vegan recipes and whatnot in it. Very interesting info and old-school DIY.

    I actually kind of disagree with you on the Don’t Have a Cow zine, I only have one issue, but I found that the author seemed apologetic for being vegan and seemed like he was feeling sorry for himself in some of the writings, which was annoying enough to make me skip many of them.

    I love zines. They are such a great, powerful, and cheap way of getting information to people and to share your thoughts and knowledge.

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