Yesterday, I had a chance to sample Sheese, a vegan cheese imported from Scotland (there known as Scheese). For all vegans that have been waiting for a cheese product that you can actually eat plain… it’s here.

Now, I haven’t tried Cheezly yet (any UK folks that would be willing to ship me some and get reimbursed?), but Sheese is far and away the best soy cheese I’ve had yet. My wife tried it, too. Now, she’s content with the standard Veganrella/Vegan Gourmet/Uncheese Cookbook options but is also fiending for a vegan cheese that is truly like the real thing. When I handed her a piece of Sheese and she bit into it, her eyes opened wide and she said, “Wow. There’s no difference in taste or texture between this and real cheese.” Clearly, this stuff is amazing.

My local health food store is likely going to start carrying it soon. They couldn’t say how much it would cost just yet, though I know Food Fight had it for $9.75. That’s pretty damn expensive, but hopefully this new import deal Sheese has with Black Duck Imports will make it more affordable.

Available flavors: Blue, Cheddar & Chives (the one I tried), Cheshire, Edam, Gouda, Hickory Smoked Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Strong Cheddar.

(Thanks to Steve at Healthy By Nature for letting me sample this good stuff.)

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  1. gladcow

    Awwww yeah! We got some Gouda from Food Fight and it was wicked good. I ate a cold cheese sandwich, ya’ll! I put it in orzo with some herbs and it was good and stinky! Next time around I’m getting Hickory Smoked Cheddar I think.

  2. Tim


    Only found your blog yesterday, and by coincidence only found the Cheesly manufacturer website last week. I ordered a load of stuff off there, Thai”fish”cakes, Scampi, sausages, bacon and a few different flavour cheeslys. They arrived literally half an hour ago so haven’t tried them yet, I will let you know how I get on. I’m not holding out too much hope for them going on my other vegan cheese trials.

    I mailed the manufacturer and asked if they would ship some to you if I paid and they said no. They did say though that they are in the process of setting up a distributor in the States and if I sent them your details they would make sure you got some samples when stock arrived.So if you want to mail me details I will pass them on.

    In the mean time if the stuff is any good, next time I order I will get some and post it to you.


  3. Mike


    I just bought some of the smoked Sheese yesterday and although I had my doubts, having tried other vegan cheeses in the past this one really hits the mark. Haven’t tried any other flavours yet but the smoked one works for me.

    It’s not that easy to get hold of here (Scotland) considering it’s made here! Seems to crop up in health stores though.


  4. Allison

    Maybe I just don’t remember what real cheese tastes like since it’s been a decade since I’ve had it, or maybe the Sheese suffered in the shipping process, but this stuff left my highly disappointed. I guess when I bit into the cheddar, I was expecting the same flavor and texture as the Cracker Barrel cheddar I was used to in my younger days. The Sheese seemed too dry; the flavor was adequate.

  5. gingernuts

    I’m just to embark on ordering some sheese, as i’m trying t give up on dairy products since i’m a veggie & have intolerences to the stuff (only just found out). I will post my comments once I have tried the stuff, wish me luck.


  6. CinCas

    hi all,

    well, i had a chance to try this “cheese” in San Francisco during veg world festival. And I have to say that i was a bit dissapointed with the flavours and texture. nothing like the real cheese. all of the samples had the same aftertase wich was distracting and disappointing (maybe it was soya…i don’t know). but if you don’t say that it is cheese then you could enjoy the flavour because it is not bad. it’s just not the flavour of the cheese.


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