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  1. Leigh

    In more lighthearted “Zombie Chicken” news, there’s this:

  2. ryan byrd

    So everyone knows about PETA. They the guys (& gals) who get all bent out of shape about the mistreatment of pretty animals like seals, and rabbits and puppy dogs (its okay to abuse ugly animals; sorry narwhals, manatees and slugs.) Like the pro-choice people, PETA likes to misrepresent their intentions as well. Pro-choice advocates are not about choices, but rather about a womans right to kill her unborn child. Likewise, PETA has little to do with ethical treatment of animals and a lot to do about vegetarianism. They dont want animals to just be treated ethically, they want people to stop eating animals. Lets just tell is like it is, okay?!?

    read more here:

  3. Ryan

    That’s mighty trollish of you.

    And, actually, PETA should focus even more on vegetarianism.

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