Turkey Day

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As Thanksgiving is tomorrow here in the US and families feast on dead flesh from coast to coast, I thought I’d pass on a few facts from the industry itself:

In 2005, about 256 million turkeys were raised. We estimate that 46 million of those turkeys were eaten at Thanksgiving, 22 million at Christmas and 19 million at Easter.

For those into percentages, that means that 18% of all turkeys raised are eaten on a single day (and 34% on the three holidays listed above).

Interestingly, the page this info came from lists a bunch of facts about turkeys that could actually turn people off from eating turkey. Admitting your food has an individual personality or unique traits probably isn’t the best idea for an industry that exists to serve you these same dead animals.

I’m going to point you to my post from last year which has a bunch of good information about the bird that somehow became associated with Thanksgiving. I’m also going to suggest you fill out the National Turkey Federation’s survey.

Have a good meat-free holiday, everyone.

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  1. bazu

    Cheers. The only turkey in my thanksgiving is the one I adopted- and her name is Whisper.

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