Herbivore #12

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Issue #12 of Herbivore Magazine is out. It’s the activism issue and, by golly, I’ve got the cover story! It’s an interview with Michael Franti of Spearhead and I’m really happy with the way it came out.

Also, I wrote a companion piece for the Herbivore Blog Mashup.

I’ve got a few other pieces in this issue as well, including spotlights on Woodstock and Poplar Spring sanctuaries and a review of the Cattle Decapitation/Caninus 7″.

Pick up your copy of the magazine here or here, with some vegan haggis (aw nuts, sold out of the haggis!).

What’s with the faux meat


Veg Blog regular kitchenmage wrote an entry on her blog a few weeks back titled Some of my best friends are vegan… where she asks, “What’s with the faux meat? … [I]f you are a vegan for ethical reasons, I can’t see how you could eat faux steak. You’re not eating a cow because it’s ethically wrong so why are you pretending to eat a cow? What’s up with that?”

I know I’ve written about this before, but am too lazy to do a search and find it. So, I just thought I’d include my response here:

Sorry for the delay in replying to this post, but here goes…

The simple answer:

I gave up meat for ethical reasons. I didn’t give up meat because I disliked the taste. Thus, if I can have something that reminds me of the flavor and texture of meat that I enjoyed while also being cruelty-free, what’s the problem?

The expanded version:

I hear a lot from people saying, “Oh God, soy ____? That’s gross.” But, to me, eating something made of soy or wheat, whatever it is, is much less disturbing than something made of an animal that used to be alive.

That said, I can understand why some vegans won’t eat fake meat or are creeped out by it. For many, it reminds them too much of the real thing and the gag reflex may kick in. For me, though, knowing simply that it’s not meat is enough for me to enjoy it with a good conscience.

In addition, fake meats are an awesome transitional food for new vegetarians coming from a meat-heavy background that have no clue what they’re going to eat.

Does all that make sense?