Boo to Kashi


Kashi’s always been a veg-friendly company (though they’re pretty annoying to vegans because they include honey in freakin’ everything), so I was a bit bummed when I got a coupon pack from them in the mail last week advertising their new line of frozen dinners. The six new entrees include:

  • Chicken Pasta Pomodoro
  • Black Bean Mango
  • Southwest Style Chicken
  • Lime Cilantro Shrimp
  • Lemon Rosemary Chicken
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

I spy one item on there that vegetarians may potentially be able to eat. The move to frozen dinners is questionable enough for Kashi, who’s known for nutrition bars and cereal, but to thumb their nose at a group that’s probably a substantial part of their customer base is an even more surprising move.

I’m definitely disappointed. But perhaps this is just the latest sign that people are more than happy to continue eating their meat as long as it falls under either the “healthy” or oxymoronic “humanely slaughtered” labels. And there really aren’t many companies out there that will resist the temptation to cater to that segment of the buying public.

Peapod the Pig


Last week’s open house at Poplar Spring was the most successful one yet in terms of attendees and money raised. Congrats to Terry, Dave, and crew for another excellent event.

Below is a video that my sister shot of a new arrival at the farm. His name is Peapod and he came all the way from New Hampshire. This poor little guy was used in one of those stupid greased pig contests where they let a baby pig loose and let a bunch of kids run after him. The winner gets to keep the pig. The “winner” (note the quotes) in this particular contest took the pig to the parking lot where his friends joined him in beating the big and throwing rocks at him. Fortunately, a security guard saw this and got the pig to the SPCA where he then found his way to Poplar Spring. He’s such a cute little guy, as you’ll see here, playing with his Piglet doll, a favorite toy of all new porcine arrivals at the farm.

Upcoming events


Some more upcoming events of interest to Veg Blog readers:

  • Artivist Film Festival – November 9-12, 2006; Los Angeles, CA – Eric from An Animal-Friendly Life wrote in with this info: “I’m a producer for Artivist this year, and I’m excited about what we’re doing for animal advocacy. In addition to literature and vegan food sponsors, we have screenings of numerous shorts and features, including Mad Cowboy, followed by a forum I’m hosting on the cost of meat consumption and production. Howard Lyman will be there, as will Daryl Hannah, whom we’re honoring on Sunday the 12th along with Joaquin Phoenix, and other special guests will be announced soon.”
  • 14th Annual Animal Law Conference: Market Revolution – Recognizing Animals’ Intrinsic Values – October 13-15, 2006; Portland, OR
  • IDA’s World Go Vegan Days – October 27-29, 2006; Worldwide, sucka!

For more, take a peek over at’s calendar.