Eating my (non-vegan) words


The other day I wrote about cupcakes that featured the Sunspire M&M-like candies on top. Girl least likely to killed my buzz and said (I’m paraphrasing how she should have said it), “Um, stupid, did you actually read the ingredients?” Turns out I just made this assumption that they were dairy-free because, jeez they’re like four times as expensive as M&Ms, plus Sunspire makes those great dairy-free chocolate chips. But, noooo — not only do they have stupid little non-vegan things like beeswax, they’re made with milk chocolate! If I had taken even a second to check the label, I would have seen the 10mg of cholesterol and it would have tipped me off.

So, boo to me for making stupid assumptions and then passing along incorrect information to you. And boo to Sunspire for not just making the darn things vegan to begin with! Who wants to pay so much money for what are essentially the same as M&Ms?

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  1. chava

    I think they may have been dark chocolate a long time ago, but those jerks changed them! Everytime I see them I think they should be vegan – maybe because the candy shells are such nice natural looking colors. It’s very deceiving.

  2. girl least likely to

    okay, but i was MUCH nicer than that!! :) i was really very hopeful that you’d scored a vegan version i didn’t know about. alas. sorry again for the bad news!! xoxo

  3. Dreena

    I’ve made the same mistake in the past – we can never ‘assume the best’ in terms of ingredients, unfortunately. Hey, you get to chock this one up to “daddy-brain” now though!!… I use the “mommy-brain” excuse quite a lot – too much!

    Happy Belated, btw! :)

  4. Chris

    Well I’m sure the same thing has happened to all of us at some point. Not much irritates me more than spying some interesting looking chocolate then finding it has milk in it. I especially hate it when companies put milk in their dark chocolate. That’s just so wrong!

  5. bazu

    This definitely happens to all of us. I have so many “d’oh” moments. Just the other day, I picked up some Ghiradelli baking chocolate, and came home to find out it had “milk fat” in the ingredients- gross! Just for future reference, Ghiradelli 70% cocoa baking chocolate is dairy-free, 60% isn’t. Can I say, just leave out the milk fat already!

  6. Danielle

    I feel like screaming every time I see Lemonheads on lists of vegan candy because the damn things have beeswax.

    I actually wrote to sunspire begging them to make vegan Sundrops, but got some bullshirt answer. I would also love vegan butterscotch or peanut butter chips, but I cannot find them.

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