Birthday Dinner (and Dessert)


Just thought I’d post a picture of my birthday dinner from a few weeks ago, a vegan philly cheesteak (with thinly chopped Tofurkey steak slices, peppers, onions, and nature’s most unnautral product: faux Cheez Whiz from the Uncheese Cookbook) and a raspberry ginger ale:

Birthday dinner

And for dessert, my wife took my mom’s recipe for Black Magic Cake, veganized it, and turned it into cupcakes. And then we made the buttercream frosting from Isa’s awesome new cookbook, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. To top it off, the Sunspire M&M-like thingies (ETA: OOPS! NOT VEGAN! Read this.):

Cuppie Cakes

3 Responses to “Birthday Dinner (and Dessert)”

  1. johanna

    happy belated b-day! looks yummy!

  2. berrykat

    Yummy vegan comfort food! Hope your birthday was awesome :)

  3. Danielle

    Black magic cake? Oooh. Will you maybe be posting the recipe for us?

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