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Some more upcoming events of interest to Veg Blog readers:

  • Artivist Film Festival – November 9-12, 2006; Los Angeles, CA – Eric from An Animal-Friendly Life wrote in with this info: “I’m a producer for Artivist this year, and I’m excited about what we’re doing for animal advocacy. In addition to literature and vegan food sponsors, we have screenings of numerous shorts and features, including Mad Cowboy, followed by a forum I’m hosting on the cost of meat consumption and production. Howard Lyman will be there, as will Daryl Hannah, whom we’re honoring on Sunday the 12th along with Joaquin Phoenix, and other special guests will be announced soon.”
  • 14th Annual Animal Law Conference: Market Revolution – Recognizing Animals’ Intrinsic Values – October 13-15, 2006; Portland, OR
  • IDA’s World Go Vegan Days – October 27-29, 2006; Worldwide, sucka!

For more, take a peek over at Animalrightsagenda.com’s calendar.

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  1. Eric

    Thanks, Ryan!

  2. Eric

    Hey, Ryan. Just wanted to update you and your readers to let you know that we will be hosting the red carpet premiere of Fast Food Nation at the festival on Friday night. Tickets are available now at:


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