So, after eight days of no new content, did any of you suspect the worst when you hit the site yesterday and got an error?

Apparently, a comment spammer DOS‘ed us which killed Movable Type and caused my host to disable the site. I swear, I’d forego my vegetarianism for a meal if I could eat a meal of deep fried comment spammers. They’re a scourge and have done the same thing to two other sites of mine in the past. It’s a waste of my time and resources.

Anyway, the site’s back and I’ll have some new content for you soon. I’m trying to get on a more normal writing schedule. Thanks for bearing with me.

(BTW — no baby yet. Soon!)

4 Responses to “Downtime”

  1. gladcow

    I was a-skeered. I’m glad you’re back, now I can stop worrying about you :)

  2. kitchenmage

    Oh sure! I put up a post with links to your site and then notice it’s down! Glad you’re back…

    and babies too! I’m with gladcow, babybabybabybaby! (or as a mom: shortLabor shortLabor shortLabor!)

  3. themedusachild

    Hey there! I clicked my link to you and it said I wasn’t authorized to view your site, so I was flummoxed. But now…whew, thanks for clearing this up! See you around!

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