If you haven’t checked them out recently, both Josh’s Editor Blog and the Herbivore Group Blog have kicked back into high gear after an extended silence.

I’m glad both blogs are rolling again… I love it when companies, particularly small ones, blog openly about stuff going on behind the scenes. Pictures of George the dog, shipments of new shirts as they come in, new design ideas, updates on the storefront… it’s all a great way to connect with readers and customers. It reminds people that Herbivore is not driven by nameless, faceless drones. Trust me, Josh has a face. I’ve seen it!

Issue 12 is on its ways to the printers. I can’t wait to see this issue up close and personal. It’s the “activism issue” and I was lucky enough to get the cover story inteview with Spearhead’s Michael Franti. Lots of other goodness in that issue as well. Now, get to clicking.

Pictures, to make up for lost time


I’ve been a bit quiet around here recently. Sorry ’bout that. These moments come a few times a year, it seems.

This time, I blame it on travel and preparations for a new little vegblogger on the way next month. I can’t wait to dress her in her Herbivore onesie.

So, to make up for it, let me share a few photos from my trip to Portland a few weeks back. Click through any of them for larger versions.

Click through for all the photo fun.