This is what I need to be complete.


Here’s a random question: why are there no vegan sour cream and onion potato chips?

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  1. Rusty Haskell

    Dude, as an amateur chef who became a vegan eight months ago, I’m personally wondering where the easy, effective, and deliciously sexy vegan whipped cream is. I think whipped tofu is somehow the key, but I can never get that fluffy silky texture of real fresh whipped cream.

  2. Ryan

    David beat me to the punch.

    Soywhip has the right consistency. Tastewise, it’s not too bad — it has that “beany” aftertaste to it, but it’s really good on fresh berries.

  3. Danielle

    Soyatoo is also sold at Pangea, Vegan Essentials, and maybe your local natural foods store. It’s heaps o’ fun on top of soy ice cream with berries and Ah!Laska sauce.

  4. K

    i would love sour cream & onion po chips done vegan style!!!

  5. Amy

    Soyatoo is awesome–it comes in the spray can and is so good on berries or ice cream…

    Also for sour cream and onion dip–I can fool anyone with the tofutti sour cream… and I like the Fantastic Foods onion dip mix.

  6. j. bones

    They exist! I found them once in North Carolina in a mini-mart. Accidentally vegan and completely awesome. I haven’t found them since but I promise they exist.

  7. Eric

    If Tofutti can make Sour Cream and Onion cream cheese (or was it a different flavor I saw?), surely the fine food chemists of the world can put together a vegan sour cream and onion potato crisp. One merely needs the incentive…

  8. Carrie

    Good question! SC&O are a favorite. Also, with all of the science and technology available today, why can’t someone make a decent cheez? I’d like a block of hard cheddar-type stuff that I could eat on crackers. Follow Your Heart is fine to have melting on other things, but seriously, have you tried to eat it on it’s own? Blech! And slices! That melt in a grilled cheez sandwich would be nice.

  9. Amanda

    I have visited one vegetarian restaurant in Paris on vacation. But the chef didn`t want to share the recipe of cream. Embarassing. So if you will know smth. let me know. PS. I`m a vegetarina just for 3 months yet, but have lost 9 kilogrammes already and feel myself much better than before, eating every food.

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