Pictures, to make up for lost time


I’ve been a bit quiet around here recently. Sorry ’bout that. These moments come a few times a year, it seems.

This time, I blame it on travel and preparations for a new little vegblogger on the way next month. I can’t wait to dress her in her Herbivore onesie.

So, to make up for it, let me share a few photos from my trip to Portland a few weeks back. Click through any of them for larger versions.

Click through for all the photo fun.

Here’s one of a breakfast I had at Tiny’s. They served up a wicked vegan Voodoo Doughnut with Butterfinger-esque innards on top:


Josh from Herbivore eating ice cream at Food Fight:

Food Fight

Michelle from Herbivore trying to liberate a pig statue from a health food store:


Ruby is the punkest baby I know:

Ruby Rotten

I beat Josh like he beats his employees:

Employee Abuse

Summer and her fam at Vege Thai:

Summer and Family

I had the best time on my trip. I met up with so many great folks, including Cat and her husband, Summer and her fam, and of course, Mr. and Mrs. Herbivore. I wish I lived closer.

8 Responses to “Pictures, to make up for lost time”

  1. Dr. Vino

    Ha! If you think you’re busy now just wait til next month! Please, go out to dinner and a movie now–just because! It’s all great fun though…

  2. K

    Fab photos. Nice to see you having fun. Vegan donuts… life is good!

  3. Leigh

    Congrats on your new lil’ one on the way!

  4. Summer

    Yes, yes. Go out to dinner and a movie NOW. It’s your last chance for a long while.
    It was so nice to meet you for reals in person. And you COULD live closer, you know. ;)

  5. veronica

    It looks like you had the best time! I would love to go to Portland too and meet all the cool vegans there and buy food and eat and…eat… the problem is that Im in Spain do the trip will just have to wait. Never mind.

    Hey! please visit my new blog A GANG OF BUNNIES STOLE MY IDEA, its kinda an artist diary.Cheers!

  6. A.

    BabIes are preatty portable you can still go out places….they sleep lots. It gets harder as they become mobile. Congrats on the future little one.

  7. Billy

    I’m moving to Seattle in two weeks. I’ll definitely be checking out Portland. :)

  8. girl least likely to

    congratulations on your exciting news!! looks like you had an awesome trip–and i’m envious that you met summer. :)

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