Help an artist out

A short while ago I mentioned Veronica, a vegan artist with some interesting projects in the works. Veronica dropped me a note today and asked for me to get the word out: she needs some help collecting receipts for one of her new pieces:

The walls of a room will be completely covered with thousands of receipts so the viewers will find themselves surrounded. The food products that contain animal derived ingredients will be underlined. Shopping receipts are the proof (real, symbolic and legal) of what we consume, an activity that has a underestimated effect on non-human animals. Supply and demand. Daily actions and their repercussions.

Here’s what she needs:

I’m asking people to please collect receipts from supermarkets and other food stores and send them to me by postal mail. I already have hundreds but I need thousands!

  • They must contain primarily food products.
  • I need both vegan receipts and non-vegan ones.
  • It doesn’t matter if they are wrinkled, dirty, badly printed, or what country they are from.
  • Make a small pencil mark on the side of the products listed you know are not vegan.

If you’d like to help out, visit her site and drop her a line. You get some goodies if you participate, too.