The City of Food Fight


Tomorrow night I make one of my rare trips to the west coast to spend a little time in Portland. I’ll be heading out there for a web conference on Thursday and Friday, but sticking around for a few days afterwards to see the city, meet up with some friends, etc. Any last-minute suggestions for places I need to see, things I need to do, or restaurants I need to visit?

My schedule’s kind of tight (so much to do!), but if any of y’all are in Portland and might want to meet up for coffee or tea or something over the weekend, drop me a note.

3 Responses to “The City of Food Fight”

  1. Summer

    Yay West Coast visit!! :)

  2. Lisa

    Welcome to the west coast! Portland is absolutely fantastic for vegetarian eating. One of my favorites is Nicholas’ – a lebanese restaurant on SE Grand & Oak. Lots of farmers markets all over the place with good food. I tend to go to the downtown Saturday one (and usually bring my blind Springer Spaniel with me). Lots of vegan goodies in the coffee shops around town. Any baked goods by Black Sheep Bakery tend to be my favorite (she also did my wedding cake last summer which was amazing). Calendula, Paradox Cafe, The Pied Cow, The Tao of Tea, Cup & Sauce, I think Voodoo Donuts has vegan donuts… Really, there are just too many wonderful places to list.

  3. Samsara

    I go to veganopolis on 4th street at least once a week. I heart everything about them.

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