A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a stop sign near my house had been hit with the classic AR sticker (not my picture). I smiled and wondered who living so close by might have put this up.

The next time I walked by it was gone.

I have a handful of those stickers, too. Maybe I should put one back up there in a show of solidarity with my unknown AR neighbor.

8 Responses to “Stop…”

  1. Carrie H

    Where did you get those stickers? They’re awesome!

  2. Hanuman1960

    I agree. Do it!!!

  3. Pete Birkinshaw

    There’s at least one sign in Manchester (UK) treated the same way:

  4. K

    I’ve seen that by my parents’ house in the past. I LOVE IT!!

  5. shananigans

    That’s awesome, I’ve never seen those stickers before. You should totally do it!

  6. Tony Franco

    I don’t understand, that looks like a traffic stop sign and so it would only really work if somebody was eating meat while driving. The lack of protein must be strangling that guy’s brains.

  7. Danielle

    I think someone is exhibiting signs of CJD. “STOP Eating Animals” as in stop for good, as in go vegan, as in–hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?

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