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  • Matthew Kenney’s (formerly of Pure Food and Wine) new veggie restaurant Heirloom has shut down. Interesting article covering the roller coaster of Kenney’s career. At least he’s not flashing people on the subway. [via Johanna]

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  1. Tammy Wuerth

    Thanks for the great information. I can really relate to your info on your blog about gradually becoming a vegetarian. I have not had any red meat for appx. 5 years, and I gave up all white meat about 3.5 years ago. I call myself a vegetarian, although I know I contradict myself as I still eat fish (protein right?!?), well, I know as well as you do that there really are many other sources of great protein, and I have been weaning away from the fish as well, although for me, giving up a great marinated salmon dish is tough – but, I am at the point where I believe I cannot be so hipocritical in my eating habits, and I am seriously thinking and wanting to live a “vegan” lifestyle. I, as you have thought many times, “it’s organic”, i.e., the milk, the cheese, the salmon is wild, not farm-raised, in order to justify myself. I found your blog because I was searching the web for information on how to live as a vegan, and I believe you site may be my key to a successful transition, so thank you for your information, and I look forward to hearing more. I signed up for the June book giveaway, and if it doesn’t happen to come my way, I believe it very well may be a worthwhile purchase. Recipes are a great start to help me know precisely what I can or cannot eat. I really want to “learn how” I can make this work. My husband and youngest daugher have also given up both red and white meat, and my oldest daughter will on occasion eat meat, although she knows we do not have it at the house, and we have found many wonderful substitutes that fulfill her need for having meat, but I hope that she to makes up her mind to join our meatless lifestyle. I do not think I could puruade my family at this time to go “vegan” with me, although I do know without a doubt that they would support me.

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