A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a stop sign near my house had been hit with the classic AR sticker (not my picture). I smiled and wondered who living so close by might have put this up.

The next time I walked by it was gone.

I have a handful of those stickers, too. Maybe I should put one back up there in a show of solidarity with my unknown AR neighbor.

CSAs and Pesto


Summer’s my least favorite season, but there is one thing about June that makes it all worthwhile: the start of CSA season. I’ve loved the CSA concept from the moment I heard about it and have enjoyed the fresh, organically grown local vegetables year after year.

One of the plentiful herbs we get during the summer is basil, but during the first few weeks of the CSA, basil’s not as copious, but scapes are. Scapes, or garlic curls, are “are the tender flower stalks that grow out of the middle of hardneck garlic, before the garlic below is full grown.” They have a nice, intense flavor, but can be a little tricky trying to figure out where to use them. Our favorite use is in a modified pesto that uses garlic curls instead of pesto. I’ve posted the recipe because it’s just that good… it’s a biting pesto that has a sharper flavor than you’d expect but is absolutely perfect spread on a piece of toasted crusty bread with a slice of fresh tomato on top. There really are few things finer in life.

This week, the basil started coming in, which means several months of more traditional pesto. Pesto on bread, pesto on pasta, pesto on veggies… maybe summer’s not such a bad time after all…