Shooting Vegetarians


Over five years ago, I wrote about a movie titled Shooting Vegetarians that was in production at the time. It remained in post-production for quite a while and didn’t become available on DVD until last year. I finally sat down to watch it a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised.

Shooting Vegetarians is a dark comedy about a young, slightly nutty vegetarian that still lives at home with his parents and wants to spend his days skating rather than working. His father, a butcher, forces him to come to work at the butcher shop. Of course, this greatly troubles our protagonist, so he tries to figure out a way that he can work at the butcher shop while not compromising his ethics. Indeed, he finds a way–a pretty sick way–of using his new job to spread the word about vegetarianism.

The movie’s better than most low budget indie comedies I’ve seen and even features a few familiar faces, like a very young looking Reiko Aylesworth, who’s best know for her role as Michelle Dessler on 24. The biggest surprise, though, was Élodie Bouchez (who’s been seen on Alias) as “Happy Coffee Shop Girl.” Let me tell you… you haven’t seen a barista like this before.

Sure, the movie’s a little goofy, very odd (giant talking chicken hallucinations, especially), and at times you wonder whether director Mikey Jackson is pro-vegetarian or just making fun of us, but overall Shooting Vegetarians is worth a rental if dark indie comedies are your thing. It’s rare we see vegetarianism as the main focus of a fictional movie, so I’m glad this one’s a fun viewing.

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  1. Kristin

    I liked that movie too!

  2. netykavka

    is it possible to get this movie out US?

  3. Carrie

    I haven’t heard of this movie, but it sounds delightful. I’m going to have to check it out. Thank you for the review.

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