Does the term “terrorist” even mean anything anymore?


The current Vegan Freak podcast talks about two stories in the news recently that have really gotten my blood boiling. The first is about Tony Blair’s vocal support for animal testing and his classification of animal rights activists as “terrorists.” Blair was crafty in his use of implying a (non-existent) connection between a letter-writing campaign targeted at shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline and an isolated incident of a weirdo exhuming a someone’s corpse. We have to be very careful when things like this hit the press to remind friends and family that a.) only a select few animals rights activists (like any other group) are wacky, and b.) a significant portion of animal experimentation has nothing to do with finding life-saving answers to diseases but rather with developing drugs for things like erectile dysfunction.

A related story worth mentioning is one from Germany where researchers say that stem-cell testing can be used to replace hundreds of thousands of experiments on animals. That’s outstanding news, but may not matter much here in the United States until we (and by “we” I mean he) wisen up with regards to the use of stem cells.

The second story that raised my ire is about how animal rights activist Adam Durand was sentenced to six months in jail for a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor? Trespassing in Wegmans’ egg facility to gather the footage for Wegmans Cruelty. This is the maximum sentence Durand could have received and no one was actually expecting any jail time for him. It’s an absurd judgement and I won’t speak any more on it at this point, but I will redirect you to what I wrote about Wegmans a month or so ago. If you’d like to help Adam out or just write him to show your support, Compassionate Consumers has the information.

It’s getting more than a little scary with the government declaring animal rights’ activists “terrorists,” legal action being taken against those that do open rescues, and rights for food animals being stripped more and more. But as scary as it is, these actions wouldn’t be taken if an impact weren’t being made. The average consumer is becoming much more aware of what’s happening to make their food and that scares the industry to death. And, really, it’s not privacy matters or even property destruction the industry is most worried about… they’re worried about industry practices becoming common knowledge which can only serve to hurt them in a big way financially.

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  1. Alice Winfree Bowron

    btw my son is a bioinformatics medical research scientist who uses advanced computer/genetic models to research genetic markers for disease. he used to have to do animal experimentation but quickly moved into viral research instead. (he raised endangered animals & loves critters.) then he was able to move up into bioinformatics, totally based upon human-genetics models. it is nonsense when they claim that animal research is needed now that we have the human genome and accurate stem-cell materials. as a disabled woman living in a “disability building” i am constantly dealing with us “crips” being guinea pigs for pharmaceutical biz; and btw we all suffer from side-effects galore from past/present meds [i’m 90% vegan now & off all animal-unfriendly/etc./mainstream meds. i’m 59 & i look like i’m 40 at most.) so – truth? it’s tony “blur” and georgie “dubya” who are the pandemic-disease carriers: war-mongering & stupidity. they & their crapitalist chronies are the real terrorists as all thinking humans and critters know.

  2. Danielle

    Oooh, that enrages me that animal rights activists are considered terorists when the meat “producers” are the real terrorists, at least to the animals they breed, manipulate, enslave, and murder.

    We’re living in such a fucked up world. I think George Orwell is laughing in his grave.

  3. Simon

    A few weeks ago a man was found guilty of badger baiting, and given a community sentence. People skin cats and dogs alive and sell their fur as ”fake.” These are terrorists.

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