Vegan Marshmallows, fer real!


When it comes to vegan foods, the holy grail is an odd one. The thing that most vegans most want, aside from a vegan cheese that’s better than mediocre, is a gelatin-free marshmallow. It makes me think that most vegans subsisted on nothing but s’mores and fluffernutter sandwiches before they gave up animal products.

Vegan Supreme Marshmallows were amazing, but unfortunately they used Emes Kosher Jel, a product thought to be vegan until the company was exposed. Since then, we’ve suffered oh so much waiting for a new vegan marshmallow to make s’mores, Rice Krispy treats, or just eat right out of the bag. There are a few options out there, but the ones I’ve tried have been OK at best. Until now.

Last year, Sweet and Sara, a new bakery in New York City, started developing their own formula. A couple of months into their experimentation, though, the Emes scandal broke and the bakery was nearly done for before they even started. Thankfully, they didn’t give up and kept things running, managing to make what can now be called, unequivocally, the world’s best vegan marshmallow. Go ahead, quote me on that.

There are three varieties of marshmallow available: vanilla made with organic (non-refined) sugar, vanilla made with refined white sugar, and a Mexican chocolate variety. The reason for the two different types of sugar is that the refined white sugar gives a slightly more traditional marshmallow taste, texture, and color, but honestly, I didn’t find much difference between the two. Both were squishy and delicious right out of the box. It took a lot of willpower for me to not devour them all before I even got them from the mailbox to the house.

The chocolate marshmallows took me by surprise, as I’d never tried such a beast. At first the flavor felt wrong, but by the second bite I was appreciating the chocolateness of the experience. I still like plain vanilla better, but can you imagine making s’mores with chocolate marshmallows? That’d be wicked good.

Did someone say s’mores? Yes… yes, I did. The thing is, I didn’t even have to make my own — Sweet and Sara sell premade s’mores as well. These Moon Pie-ish delights have a layer of chocolate poured over a fat layer of marshmallow on top of a graham crust. They’re phenomenal, each bite an eye-rolling delight. But that’s not all… Sweet and Sara also sell peanut butter s’mores! The extra layer of peanut butter adds even more goodness, making for one of the most enjoyable dessert treats I’ve had in a long time. Great, great stuff.

Sweet and Sara Bakery also makes croissants, a toasted coconut marshmallow, and other baked goods available in New York and via mail order. Though they’re not officially open yet and haven’t set prices for all of their products, keep an eye on Sweet and Sara’s site for more information.

The holy grail has arrived by way of Sweet and Sara. Bow down at their feet.

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  1. Danielle

    I just wish to Gaia that I could find graham crackers without honey.

  2. vegan

    keebler and nabisco both carry a graham cracker in “original” which do not contain honey!

  3. girl least likely to

    oh my god, ryan. thank you.

    *scurries off to website*

  4. Snowboard Bunny

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’m dyin’ for a rice krispie bar.

    *runs to the website*

  5. Eve

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I’m in NYC, so I will definitely make my way there when they officially open. I can’t wait!!!

  6. Danielle

    Guess I’ll have to endure a graham with high fructose corn syrup to avoid the honey. Oh, well.

  7. Jeff

    Now, why would you post such a great review, aim us at the website, and then have them not be available!?!?! Memorial Day is coming!!!!

  8. vegans rule

    You can order the marshmallows by sending Sweet & Sara an email – my boyfriend ordered some and we cant wait! We’ve waited too long for vegan marshmallows!

  9. Cathy

    Hmm, pre emes scandal I used to make s’mores using the Health Valley Original Amaranth Graham Crackers which are pretty good. Graham flavor with good quality products without refined sugar or HFCS. Also s’mores made with the Terra Nostra ricemilk bar are very nice (regular dark is good but these actually get more melty)

  10. Yokasta

    Thanks for the tip! How do they compare to the Pangea brand, if anyone out there has tried them both?

  11. Summer

    Sweet & Sara save the day! I haven’t gotten my order yet, but they went above and beyond to make sure my son has marshmallows with the rest of his class next week. Sweet & Sara rock my socks!!

  12. whisners

    Sweet and Sara should be held up as the gold-standard for customer service. Our four year old son has a laundry list of food allergies, as well as being vegetarian, and Sara special ordered ingredients and created a marshmallow and smore that he could have within a week’s time. And on top of that generosity, her products are delicious!! The marshmallows are more like gourmet candies than traditional marshmallows So if you want a vegan treat look no further — Sweet and Sara is the answer.

  13. Danielle

    I just tried these at AR 2006 at the Vegan Essentials table, and they are the BEST vegan ‘marshmallows I’ve had. Heck, the best marshmallows I’ve ever had period.

  14. anshu

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the Sweet & Sara marshmallows would be available in grocery stores any time soon. My email is [email protected] if anyone knows!

  15. Jackson

    I’m looking for a great vegan marshmallow. Gelatin seems to be the only way to achieve the tru marshmallow texture.

  16. J Jeske

    So I was always such a marshmallow fan when I was a kid, and then I found out what they were made out of, and eventually I stopped eating them entirely. When I first saw Sweet & Sara’s vegan marshmallows I was in shock, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading on the label. Sure they are more expensive than conventional and they do require refrigeration, but my goodness are they close to the real thing. And no hooves, spinal chords or bone marrow contained. BRAVO! I will be a long time fan.

  17. Jane

    I love marshmallows. My favorite come from a company in Massachusetts called Tuccelli. I’m a vegetarian and I can’t stop myself from eating their great mallows. I hope they decide to create vegan marshmallows in the near future.

  18. AnimalCare

    These vegan marshmallows look really good – I put them on my blog also but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m going to go down to Whole Foods and get some asap. If anyone finds vegan graham crackers, please let me know. I’ve been also looking for them but for some reason all the whole foods companies use honey which is ridiculous.

    Happy Veganism!

  19. Jennie

    I’m thrilled to announce the arival of a successful recipe for vegan marshmallows. They are made with agar agar. Vegan marshmallows also require a fluff to boost them up and give them a good texture. I use soy protein isolate in the fluff which is the break through ingredient everyone has been searching for.

  20. Izabella

    there is a way so easy to smores no even thought of it but if you put melted chocolate on a graham cracker and put MARSHMALLOW CREME which is gelitan free and toast the the top with a liter then you have delicious smores whithout having to go to speacilty stores and marhmallow creme is cheap to.

  21. Krista

    Izabella, that’s a great idea for vegetarians and I used it myself when I wasn’t vegan. But marshmallow creme does have egg whites in it, making it unsuitable for vegans.

  22. Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar

    I love marshmallow. It is good to have found a vegan option!

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