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  1. Carrie

    Thanks for the link to the videos. I would never have had an opportunity to watch PPK, so this is just too frickin’ awesome!

  2. Dreena

    I don’t think Gary could have more accurately reflected the tone and content of your blog. You *are* the vegan blogging pioneer – I was visiting your site and didn’t know what the heck a blog was (even years after)! Thank you for all the information you have provided over the years – and for being so ‘down-to-earth’! :)

  3. veganicki

    Mighty-O’s doughnuts are amazing. It’s worth whatever you have to do to get them.

  4. K

    “This is the source, the fountain. The original vegan blog, and a continuing source of inspiration.

    Author Ryan MacMichael has been publishing the veg blog for six years now, and it’s as strong as ever. Whether the topic is lighthearted and frivolous or intensely serious, Ryan’s style is calm, considerate, knowledgeable, modestand unflinchingly committed. His posts are friendly and conversational yet powerful.

    I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of meeting Ryan. He’s the most down-to-earth, unassuming guy you’ll ever meet.

    All of us blogging about animals and vegan issues owe a debt of gratitude to Ryan. As far as I’m concerned, his blog is the standard. Here’s to many more years of the veg blog.”

    Very nice!

    And because of you, yes YOU, and THIS blog, someone ill with cancer and his loving, wonderful wife are now getting vegan meals delivered to their house.

    You do Mitzvahs… you are a Mensch!

  5. Summer

    all the nice things he said are true. yay for you!
    mighty-o is only a 4 hour drive from me… :D

  6. Bibliochef

    Great links. Give a look at my site as vegetarians — maybe you have opinions on a question I ask there about the Moosewood?



  7. David

    Apparently some people believe that prairie dogs can also use an equivalent of words in order to identify.

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