I’d kiss a pig before the I’d kiss the winner


Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of these types of stories, ones where someone (often a school principal) will kiss a pig if a certain amount of money is raised for charity. In this story, whoever raises the most money gets to kiss the pig and “bring… Wilbur home.” The money raised pays for youth programs and the maintenance of the Loudoun County fairgrounds’ livestock and show buildings.


In the usual case, kissing the pig is portrayed as this crazy, disgusting thing… a “sacrifice” a person will make as an incentive to raise money. While it amuses a lot of people, it does nothing to battle the stereotype of pigs as dirty, disgusting animals. But, really, unless a pig’s been out for a roll in the mud on a summer day, kissing a pig on the nose is no more disgusting than kissing your dog on the nose.

Maybe I’m making too much out of it. Maybe it’s just a harmless way to raise money. But, in the article linked above, there’s little question: the pig that’s “won” will either be killed for food. “Wilbur” will be eaten.

And I wonder what “youth programs” will be supported by money raised at a fair with bull riding, dairy shows, goat shows, and a livestock auction (“offering Beef, Lamb, Goat, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, and much more!”). I might be making some false assumptions here, but I can’t find any further information on the “youth programs,” so I’m left to guess. It’s also unclear how much of the money raised will go to the fairgrounds, which promote more of this type of event.

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  1. Karen

    Agreed on every front.

    We have “The San Diego County Fair” every year here and I used to enjoy going… there were nice things about it… some vegan food… some nice displays of people’s collections of all sorts of items… gems and minerals… woodworking… photographs… sculptures and drawings… but the animals that are “brought up” by the 4H club… and the carnival part (where they give out goldfish, for one sad thing) are just too much for me.

    It makes me SO sad…

  2. Teresa

    I agree with what Karen said. I too see things every day that make me sad. Just driving by a hamburger place, seeing grazing cows and knowing what will happen to them. Just going to a regular grocery store and having to see carts filled with meat. It upsets me. I could never go to a fair.

    As far as kissing animals. I’d rather kiss them than most people. I can’t wait until I can visit Farm Sanctuary and kiss a cow again! I love them so much. You can also kiss a pig there too. They are so clean and happy in their nice barn and areas.

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