I said what now?

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Periodically, I look back at old blog entries just to see how far I’ve come. Every so often, I run into an entry that makes the current-me cringe… like this one from five years ago. An excerpt:

I don’t know whether I’ll ever make the jump towards veganism, but even now, I’m trying to be as “cruelty-free” as possible (buying strictly organic milk, sour cream, etc.) as well as cutting back on cheese (due mainly to the saturated fat content).

Fortunately, two years later, I was already talking about replacements for honey even though I hadn’t gone vegan yet. That redeems me a bit, right, vegan five-oh?

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  1. Karen

    I’m a relative newbie here… I don’t like to see you being so hard on yourself, but I understand totally…

    That Vegan911 site is interesting!!

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