Carl Lewis Sells Out


We really didn’t need another example of why many many celebrities can’t be trusted with the animal liberation message, but we’ve got one. You know all the stuff out there about Olympian Carl Lewis and his veganism? Yeah, well…

This morning I saw an ad for McDonald’s that featured a bunch of different workers, ranging from entertainers to firefighters, talking about how their first job was flipping burgers at Mickey D’s. In other words, “Look! You can have a crap job and still turn out OK!” In any event, one of the people featured was Carl Lewis. I’d have to say that this one ranks right up there with recording a music video in terms of bad decisions Mr. Lewis has made.

5 Responses to “Carl Lewis Sells Out”

  1. brigita

    I’m confused…Carl Lewis’ adolescent burger-flipping somehow invalidates his past/current veganism?

  2. Ryan

    It doesn’t “invalidate” it, but his current association with McDonald’s, promoting their business, is a mark on his otherwise positive advocacy for veganism.

  3. Karen

    Ick. Anthony Bourdain showed up at that link. That was enough for me to close it up.

    I’ve been a veg since age 16 and I’m 40 now *shrieks* but anyway, one of my first jobs (at age 16) was working at a hospital in the dietary department. (The hospital was for those with eating disorders and alcohol/drug addiction.) And I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me to prepare food for these folks… I didn’t last long in that line of work.

    Nice post, Ryan. Thanks.

  4. brigita

    Gotcha (brain wasn’t working properly). Thanks. :)

  5. Danielle

    He can redeem himself by donating the money to a veg organization. It would be reminiscent of Chumbawumba selling a song to a carmaker and then donating the proceeds to a anti-car group.

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