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Congratulations to Karen T., winner of the one year subscription to VegNews in March’s contest.

Those that have entered the contest may have noticed that I ask a question in addition to the contact information. I’m not doing any insidious gathering of information for marketing purposes, I’m just genuinely interested in what Veg Blog readers have to say.

March’s question was “What is your favorite thing about being vegetarian or vegan?” I got a lot of the responses you’d expect, “because I’m not harming animals” and “because I feel healthier.” But below are some of the more unique responses that I got:

Being a positive Influence on other people (ex. friends and family now regularly prepare vegan meals at potlucks and get togethers…before i went vegan none of them had heard the word before!)

Improving myself, next stop …hybrid vehicle. ahhh, I’ll just ride a bike!!!

Knowing there’s nothing dead in me. [This reminds me of a phrase that I heard during a world religions class in college that stuck with me for years even before I became vegetarian: “My body’s not a cemetery.”]

That I am setting an example as a compassionate, environmentally and nutritionally aware person for my children.

Being vegan brings people together in the name of a peaceful, cruelty-free lifestyle, and that’s a wonderful feeling to share with others.

I think I’m too focused on being a failed vegan for the past 15 years to remember to think about the good stuff about being vegetarian… [Don’t be too hard on yourself… keep at it and remember all the good you’re doing.]

Too many things … Just being super-awesome-cool? [Can’t] decide.

Being able to look any and every animal in the eyes and feel happy for us both.

Tofutti Cuties

And my favorite:

solving so many problems at once!

With that said, go enter April’s contest, a giveaway for a $15 gift certificate to the mighty, mighty Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe!

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  1. Karen

    Thanks so much for my subscription to VegNews! I can’t wait!!!

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