Dog Hater, part 2


A little while back I wrote about the guy on my block who really hates dogs. Since then, I’ve walked by him a few times while walking our dog. Each time, I’ll say, “Hello!” in a friendly fashion, trying to hide any disgust I have for him. Never once has he replied. He just stares at me, like he’s waiting for Amina to do something in his yard. This, despite the fact I’m carrying a full poop bag.

Well, today I had an “encounter” with Mr. Dog Hater himself. Amina and I were coming back down our street and he was walking out to his car to go to work. He looked down the street and saw us coming and just stood at the edge of his driveway waiting for us. Staring our way and just… waiting.

As I approached him, I gave him a friendly, “Good morning!” and didn’t expect a reply, just the usual hateful glare. Well, this time I got a reply, though not exactly a courteous one:

“Some dog’s been shitting in my yard.”


“Some dog’s been shitting here and I’m going to fucking kill the dog.”

I stopped, said, “Well…” and pulled out one of Amina’s empty bags to show him that, yes, we are responsible for our dog’s left-behinds. He said, “I’m not saying it was you. But some dog’s been shitting in my yard. And I’m going to kill the dog once I find out who it is.”

He paused.

“Do you know who it is?” By this time, he’s walking to his car across the street.

I could go into a tirade telling him he needs to chill the hell out, but I’m honestly shaken up — this guy is a freaking loon. “No clue. But I’ve seen it in my yard, too,” hoping maybe that’ll show him that not everyone in the world threatens death to get their way.

He replied, “I think I know who it is. I just need to catch him. And then I’m going to kill the dog.”

Well good morning to you, too, mister. Nice to know we have such a psycho neighbor on the block.

Needless to say, we’ll be avoiding his house altogether. And if anything happens to another dog, now I can serve as a witness of some sort.

What a jerk.

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  1. Eric

    I think this goes beyond jerkiness. He may just have finally had the last of cleaning that up, but to suggest killing the dog after realizing it was not yours (in other words, it’s not just a threat to get you to stop) means he may be capable of doing it at this point. And we all know that a man who can kill a dog in cold blood is capable of committing other violent crimes. It’s too bad merely reporting his comments at this stage would be fruitless.

  2. Ryan

    This guy’s been letting it stew — the initial encounter he had with the other dog walker (where he explicitly threatened that specific dog) was in November! The cops were called in November, but yeah, it obviously didn’t make too much of a difference.

  3. Rae

    I can’t beleive the nerve of some people. Let me tell you if it were me, the NYer in me would’ve been unleashed (no pun intended)! Seriously, it’s admirable that you kept your cool.

  4. Karen

    This makes me so sad.
    And this guy is yet another reason i like dogs more than people.
    I’m basically speechless because it upsets me so.

    But thank you for sharing.

  5. CatLover

    Dogs suck!

  6. Sunil

    Dogs rock!

  7. John

    I have a similar neighbor. She sits out on her front patio in a rocking chair and screams at me as I pass. I show her my poop bag, but that doesn’t convince her. IIRC, she didn’t threaten to kill my dog, but rather break my f***ing legs. Nice.

  8. Carrie

    It’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the owner’s fault. I always clean up after my dog. It’s part of the responsibility of being a dog owner. He should have words with the owner, not the dog. But then again, this guy sounds like he’s over the edge, beyond reason and just totally nuts.

  9. Danielle

    My cat probably doesn’t know this, but I always say hi to the dogs I encounter when I’m out and about (unless I’m, say, in a hurry to catch a bus). Most of the time, the dogs act enthusiastic. One time, after communing with some dogs and their humans after leaving a Whole Foods, another dog tied to the little bars around the store just spontaneously greeted me.

  10. Dreena

    Holy Wacko!! Seriously, what an a-hole (and I don’t normally say ‘crude’ things – online anyhow, ha!)

    Unreal, but yes, I agree with you not to get in a heated argument with him, this is someone that truly could snap and get physical with you or your dog.

    Funny story, years back before dog owners picked up their dogs’ poop, we had a neighbour that let his dog poop on our lawn. Repeatedly. In fact, he would bring the dog OVER to our house to do so (some strange rivalry between this guy and my dad). My dad took a shovel one day, picked up the poop, brought it over to the neighbour, emptied it in front of his feet and said “I think this is yours”! :)

  11. Thomas

    I am having a problem with some dog/owner shitting in my yard. I do not have the time to sit on the porch 24/7 with night goggles to catch this dog/person…So I have to assume that any dog/person could be responsible. I am sick and tired of hearing, “It’s not me…here’s my doggie pick-up bag!” It only takes one bad person/dog to set a negative image. I don’t say anyting to the owner but I will follow and watch whenever I see a dog/owner near my property.

    I just want to say this to all you dog owner’s…let your dog shit in your own yard so your kids can step in it and smell it instead of mine.


  12. Ryan

    Tommy — why are you sick and tired of hearing people say “here’s my pick-up bag?” It sounds like you’re unreasonably antagonistic towards all dog owners and displacing your anger from the one person who’s not picking up after his dog.

    Don’t be mad at the dog. That’s just absurd. Dogs go where they must. It’s the responsibility of the caregiver to make sure he’s picked up after.

  13. Brenda

    I have to agree with Tommy. I have dog crap on my shoes right now, and I also just drove through a lovely pile which splattered up onto my car as I drove away.
    What I want to know…..IS HOW TO PREVENT CATS AND DOGS FROM TAKING A CRAP IN MY YARD? I do not own a pet and have had this problem for years.

  14. beto

    I have the same problem with some person letting his/her dog poop in my yard. People are just lazy. I caught a lady 3 months ago doing that. She was surprised when I caught her, and came a clean the poop the next day. Of course, she was not carrying any poop collector bag.

    There is not solution to this problem. If she doesn’t do it, another idiot will.

    Put a cactus tree next to the front yard

    Cover your front yard with cement with colorful patterns. Have grass only in the back of your house :)

  15. Theresa

    Dogs a okay–but the poop really stinks bad and if fly’s poop on it you’ve got a parasite (worm)
    heaven–think about that when your baby is sick with
    poopy non stop—I don’t want people getting dogs
    and not changing thier diaper–carry the bag
    or teach the dog to poop in toilet–
    Do you know what the prices of houses are–I don’t
    think people are aware that people buy a house and
    yard to have some privacy…away from dogs and cats

  16. Pamela

    Seriously: Call the cops again. A dog is not responsible for what has happened- dogs go outside and use the restroom! This scary nutjob is obviously disturbed. PLEASE call the cops on this guy and file a report. Don’t wait until an innocent animal gets hurt. Logic apparently won’t work when dealing with him (he wouldn’t have asked if it was your dog if he “knew” whose dog it was), so you will have to work behind his back and get police involved. I have never encountered anyone threatening to kill animals…

  17. Thomas

    I did not know that this was a vegan site.


  18. Ryan

    That’s correct, this site doesn’t eat meat. It doesn’t eat much of anything, really.

  19. Linda Gayle

    Wow, I totally agree about animal killers being predisposed to committing other violent crimes and eventually even killing or torturing people. This is no joking matter-not that anyone said that it is. But man, read the statistics. I have this curiosity about serial killers and read books about their lives, and a great majority of them tortured or killed animals at some time in their lives. This is really serious stuff. I have gotten angry and said stuff and later regretted it, but this psychopathic moron keeps on and on and on-trying to intimidate everyone within earshot. You tried to kill him with kindness-forget that sh**. Totally ignore the **ckhead. He doesn’t even merit a second look. And definitely report these threats to the police, so that when something horrendous happens, a red light goes on and they think of him as a suspect. The BTK killer here in the Kansas area was a DOGCATCHER; and he used to torture and kill animals when he was a child. Then he graduated to torturing and doing unspeakable horrors to innocent children and people of all ages. This dude (your neighbor) might have some dark secrets you don’t even want to know about. Keep your doors locked, and good luck.

  20. ben

    Dogs can be dirty noisy, violent little shits.

    And dog lovers can be blind to the problems they cuase.

    Keep the things out of other peoples way and clean your crap up after them – and you wont have problem

  21. Ryan

    Dogs can be dirty noisy, violent little shits.

    Apparently, so can people.

  22. Crusty10

    I’m really lucky because where I live I can take my dog out into MY yard, let him poop, and THEN I take him for his walk. When I get home I clean up the poop. As for peeing…well…I try really hard to make sure he does that on public property, not private.

  23. tan

    everyday i come home there is at least 1 pile of dog shit on my law…funny thing is my townhouse is on the end and the two houses to my right have dogs. i am seriously ready to put something out there to make the dog sick…i dont want to kill him i just want him to stop shitting in my yard. i am tired to cleaning dog shit, if i wanted to do that i would have bought my own damn dog.

  24. Ryan

    Just a crazy idea to throw out there for all the psychotic folks that seem to be finding this entry (purposely trying to poison a dog? Seriously, what’s wrong with you?):

    Talk to the person walking the dog. Just politely ask him/her to pick up after the dog. The dog doesn’t know it’s someone’s yard, but the person walking him does. Deal with the real problem and stop focusing so intently on the animal.

  25. Geiger

    Man so many people with the hatred towards dogs.

    If you own a house and have a yard and you want people to stay off of it, including dogs and their feces, then build a fence. This is a tried and true method that people have been using for hundreds of years. Other than that if you are not a psycho and just occasionally have a poorly bred owner then you need to talk to them. I had a guy who was constantly walking him German Shepard through my yard and he was feeding him something that had the dog leaving behind giant orange piles of poo. I walked up and confronted him once I saw him do it and not clean it up. And he started walking the dog down the other side of my street. When my neighbor across the street started having problems I told him which guy it was and we both went and talked to him about it and took him a box of doggie poop bags. Since then he has stopped walking his dog down my street at all. I am not saying this will work for everyone, but directly confronting someone in a calm manner will work nearly every time. It disarms them to not be screaming at them and just explaining as you would to a child, why their behavior is anti-social and unacceptable.

    And of course if all else fails, build a fence. Then you wont have dog poop, teenagers with new cars turfing your lawn, or anything else in your yard you might not want in your yard.

    Peace out yo.

  26. Theo

    WOW! Do you live in my neighborhood? I have a wack job right next door. I think he did kill my dog. By the way this dog was one of those you hear about in best dog in the whole world kind of stories. She brought my newspaper in the morning & slippers at night.

    This nutcase- neighbor didnt like that my dog pooped in MY yard, which was next to his. Yes I did clean up regularly, but he’s a nut. So, it really didnt dawn on me that it was him at the time (we thought it was rocky mountain tick fever), until now as my new dog is finding raw meat in my backyard. I havent seen him do it, but he’s the logical suspect, being crazy and all.

    Also for those who wish to stop a dog from pooping in your yard- simple solution, RED PEPPER, the kind you see at the pizza place, sprinkle it where the dog has been, and next time he will turn his nose up, and no one gets hurt.

    So, back to crazyman next door. Any rational advice?

  27. Josh

    What a bunch of bullshit for most of you to sit here and defend the assholes of this world that let their dogs shit in other peoples yards!!

    I have 2 collies. Beautiful dogs. I love them to death. But they don’t shit in other peoples yards….and if they do……..I PICK IT UP!

    I am about 1 minute away from lining my whole damn front yard with rat poison & hamburger meat! I’m sick of coming home every night and having a steaming pile of shit in my yard.

    I HAVE to pick up my dogs shit every day. I shouldn’t have to pick up yours!

  28. Ryan

    We’re not defending the people who leave dog poop in people’s yard. We’re defending the dogs — what right does anyone have to threaten death to the dog for doing that? Take it up with the caretaker. Talk to them about it. Don’t go accusing people wrongly and talking about killing their dog. It’s just insane.

    Sort of like you if you even half-consider poisoning meat and leaving it in your yard. If you’d really do it, you need to be committed.

  29. Holly

    I have a female neighbor…who shall now be known as “the stupid bitch”. My family owns 3 dogs, all of which we take care of and clean up after. When I walk my dogs on a leash and approach someones property we walk out in the road to avoid any marking on our animals part. The stupid bitch walks her beagle up into our yard, up next to our house in our flowerbeds to let her dog do his business. It took the third time that I saw her do this before I could be calm enough to speak to her without using foul language. She was unaware that I had seen her before. I calmly tell her that I would appreciate it if she would stay out of my yard. The bitch replied that her dog just loved my grass. To which I replied “Then plant him some of his own.” I don’t let my own dogs use my flowerbeds. She looked at me like I was being rude and scurried on. We live in a new developement. There are several empty lots she could use. Her own yard has no grass, just weeds. I asked at the police dept. if it was legal for her to continue doing this. I was told that if she walked up into my yard that it was criminal tresspass. Until about 45 minutes ago I had not noticed her in my yard, but once again there she was. I was soooooo angry that I could not speak to her. So I truly hate to have a neighbor arrested (Surely shes just stupid) but what can I do. I don’t blame the dog. I have tried cayenne pepper but I would have to apply it everyday. I am going to try some of the home rememdies and hope that it works. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  30. Ryan

    Well, since this is just becoming a place for people to come and complain (with their unusually foul mouths) about neighbors with dogs, it’s clear no one’s really paying attention to what anyone else is saying. Time to close down comments.


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