Veggie Pregnancy blogs


There are two vegetarian pregnancy-themed blogs I’ve been meaning to point out:

  • Knocked Up Vegan is the best weblog title I’ve heard in a while. Dating back to September of last year, the baby is due any time now. This blog’s strength comes from how personal it is, sometimes to the point I feel embarassed for reading it. Good luck, Miriam!
  • Veggie Pregnancy has lots of great recipes and an ongoing compendium of facts important to those experiencing a vegetarian pregnancy. There is some non-vegan stuff in there, but not enough that vegans should turn away. Good stuff.

Any other blogs by pregnant vegetarians that I’m missing?

3 Responses to “Veggie Pregnancy blogs”

  1. Dreena

    This is a great post, Ryan, because sometimes women doubt that they can have healthy vegan pregnancies. Miriam’s blog is just so funny and informative (and yes, VERY personal at times!).

    Also, Vesanto Melina addresses the nutritional aspects of vegan pregnancy and breastfeeding in “Becoming Vegan”, which is a must-have resource for all vegans, imo.

  2. Summer

    I love Knocked Up Vegan! It’s my new favorite blog, and I’m totally addicted. :) I heart Miriam!

  3. Pregnancy girl

    So am I. I absolutely love the blog.

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