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  1. Karen

    Not as heart-wrenching as when i hear of the abuse of animals, but this news just really depresses me.

  2. mindy t.

    I suppose it was bound to happen. I have seen Tom’s toothpaste in my local Long’s Drugs lately, which made me stop and wonder. They also sell to the Trader Joe’s chain out here on the West Coast. So I knew they were getting very, very successful. But I hoped they would stay independent.

    Peet’s Coffee used to be a hometown Berkeley biz, but they’re now going the way of Starbucks, franchizing all over the place. I’m wondering now if Burt’s Bees will be next… (or maybe they’ve already been swallowed up).

    I’ll keep seeking out and supporting small, local, and organic producers whenever possible.

    Hope you’re staying happy in the kitchen!

  3. Eve

    I just read about this on another site. Man, this really sucks. What are the odds that Colgate will keep it as is? I wonder.

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