links for 2006-03-18


4 Responses to “links for 2006-03-18”

  1. Karen

    *rolls eyes* back atcha… flexitarian is like peeps who call themselves ‘vegetarians’ and still eat fish (or chicken, whatever)…

  2. veganicki

    Funny, I thought we already had a name for people who eat vegetarian food, meat and fish…like, say, omnivore?

  3. marleah

    I think that people are getting a little carried away with breaking things down into different terms. I understand separating out vegetarian and vegan, but do we really need a term for someone who eats meat once a week? I second veganicki’s comment – I’ll keep calling them omnivores.

  4. Lillian

    I think the term “flexitarian” is more appropriately applied to omnis who live with vegetarians/vegans as their SO/OSO. The vast majority of their diet is vegetarian, but they choose to eat meat on occasion.

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