links for 2006-03-11


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  1. Adnan Y.

    After reading about the Baseball Burger, my arteries just clogged up.

  2. veganicki

    Thanks for the link. I’m a long-time reader of your blog, so it was a nice surprise to see my own blog linked! There weren’t any blogs out there for vegan pre-vet or science students, and I haven’t met any in my years (and years) of school, so I hope mine can help some people out. And I’d love to get feedback from anyone who’s gone through/is going through or is interested in a cruelty-free science education.

    And the baseball burger…are they aware that if they kill off all their customers with one sandwich they’ll have to recruit more? Seems like extra work. Yuck.

  3. Danielle

    With the donut burger, yuck to the max. I mean, even if I were an omni, I’d think this was gross. I wouldn’t want a veggieburger on a vegan glazed donut. It never fails to amaze me the disgusting things food marketers come up with. I’m beginning to think some of them are absolutely nucking futs.

  4. Eve

    Thanks for posting these links. I checked them out, real good stuff.

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