Dog Hater, part 2


A little while back I wrote about the guy on my block who really hates dogs. Since then, I’ve walked by him a few times while walking our dog. Each time, I’ll say, “Hello!” in a friendly fashion, trying to hide any disgust I have for him. Never once has he replied. He just stares at me, like he’s waiting for Amina to do something in his yard. This, despite the fact I’m carrying a full poop bag.

Well, today I had an “encounter” with Mr. Dog Hater himself. Amina and I were coming back down our street and he was walking out to his car to go to work. He looked down the street and saw us coming and just stood at the edge of his driveway waiting for us. Staring our way and just… waiting.

As I approached him, I gave him a friendly, “Good morning!” and didn’t expect a reply, just the usual hateful glare. Well, this time I got a reply, though not exactly a courteous one:

“Some dog’s been shitting in my yard.”


“Some dog’s been shitting here and I’m going to fucking kill the dog.”

I stopped, said, “Well…” and pulled out one of Amina’s empty bags to show him that, yes, we are responsible for our dog’s left-behinds. He said, “I’m not saying it was you. But some dog’s been shitting in my yard. And I’m going to kill the dog once I find out who it is.”

He paused.

“Do you know who it is?” By this time, he’s walking to his car across the street.

I could go into a tirade telling him he needs to chill the hell out, but I’m honestly shaken up — this guy is a freaking loon. “No clue. But I’ve seen it in my yard, too,” hoping maybe that’ll show him that not everyone in the world threatens death to get their way.

He replied, “I think I know who it is. I just need to catch him. And then I’m going to kill the dog.”

Well good morning to you, too, mister. Nice to know we have such a psycho neighbor on the block.

Needless to say, we’ll be avoiding his house altogether. And if anything happens to another dog, now I can serve as a witness of some sort.

What a jerk.

Irish Potatoes

I posted a new recipe (finally!) today for Irish Potatoes. If you’re looking for a creamy, “ouch-my-teeth-hurt” sweet, bite-sized dessert, this is the one for you. And, no, there’s not a bit of potato in it.

These are so good.

Veggie Pregnancy blogs


There are two vegetarian pregnancy-themed blogs I’ve been meaning to point out:

  • Knocked Up Vegan is the best weblog title I’ve heard in a while. Dating back to September of last year, the baby is due any time now. This blog’s strength comes from how personal it is, sometimes to the point I feel embarassed for reading it. Good luck, Miriam!
  • Veggie Pregnancy has lots of great recipes and an ongoing compendium of facts important to those experiencing a vegetarian pregnancy. There is some non-vegan stuff in there, but not enough that vegans should turn away. Good stuff.

Any other blogs by pregnant vegetarians that I’m missing?