Old friends


Last night Amina and I were out for our evening walk when we bumped into a former shelter-mate of hers, a sweet Golden Retriever named Jasmine. When my wife and I were first looking at dogs, we visited Friends of Homeless Animals in Northern Virginia and walked and played with quite a few of them. Jasmine was the first one that I really felt like we clicked with. But, we held off on adopting her because we weren’t totally sure and we were headed to New York the following week, so we wanted to wait until after that to make a decision. By the time returned from our trip, Jasmine had been adopted. I was a little bummed, but happy for her that she had found a home; it turned out well because that visit was the day we met Amina and there’s no doubt in my mind now that we were meant for each other. The three of us are so similar in some ways, it’s frightening.

But, it was great to see Jasmine again. She was doing really well and was clearly well loved. It was also a little weird — kind of like being with your wife and bumping into your ex-girlfriend; you hope she’s doing well and it’s good to see her, but there’s that weird two-worlds-colliding thing going on. Jasmine sat by me and was loving the head scratching and Amina only got mildly jealous, so it went well.

Something else I realized is that there seems to be an unspoken bond between people who rescue animals. Shortly after we adopted Amina, she and I were walking and a man asked us about her. When I said she was a rescue, he said, “Thank you. Thank you for doing that.” Turns out he lived with a couple of rescued German Shepherds.

Every so often I visit the FOHA site to see how some of the other dogs are doing. At this point, there aren’t too many names left that I recognize from our visit, but there are a few. JoJo, an older female Rottweiler that totally had my heart the first time I saw her, is still there. I doubt she’ll be adopted because of her age and health issues, but she’s being fostered, so at least she has a nice temporary home. Thankfully, every dog or cat that finds their way to FOHA gets the respect they deserve, even if they aren’t adopted right away.

(I realize this post was all over the place, but that’s what happens when I try and write something over the course of eight hours.)

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  1. shananigans

    I agree there’s a connection amongst the people who “get it”. I for one don’t understand people who go out and buy overpriced and potentially poorly bred puppies that come from god knows where and what kind of conditions instead of adopting a perfectly good dog that is homeless and needs help. It just encourages more careless breeding, and that’s the last thing we need. Seems pretty selfish to me.

  2. Danielle

    Oh, what a handsome girl you have. Is she a shepherd mix? My kitty is a Humane Society “graduate” who adopted me when she was three. I do like dogs though, and they seem to like me, but my apartment building doesn’t allow dogs and I don’t feel I have the capacity to properly care for one at this moment.

  3. Karen

    Folks who adopt are my fave folks to be around…

  4. Ryan

    Danielle — she’s a bluetick coonhound, a hunting dog. But she’s the most mellow, unhunting-like dog you could imagine. :) She *never* barks. In fact tonight she let out a random bark at a cat and it was only the second time we’ve heard her bark like that in nine months.

  5. digitalcowgirl

    Stumbled here and all around. I noticed the photos of Amina look like she is fed veggies? I am looking to adopt a dog soon and would love to know of ‘recipes’ for making healthy dog food. Do you have any resources or advice you wouldn’t mind sharing?
    Thanks for all the great links!

  6. Redjane

    I recently rescued a beautiful little red tabby from the street and I can’t beieve how much my life has changed. I’ve lived with many animals over the years and decided with my ex that I didn’t want to take on the responsibility again. Until I left him-the ex, I mean- then I found Redfred and I can’t imagine life before him. Eventually, I’d love to rescue a dog but my lifestyle and living space just aren’t conducive to that commitment. I still am astounded as to how many people don’t immediately think of rescuing instead of buying from breeders or stores. It’s shocking.We live in a city with a pit bull ban so our Humane Society is overflowing with dogs in need.

  7. Montse

    Godofredo (a vegetarian dog as shown in http://www.marmot1972.blogspot.com) was adopted when he was a puppy, we had difficult times together due to dominance problems but now he is a star.

    Abril came later, she is about 3yo, and suspected of a really bad life (broken leg badly healed, one less teeth). Now she is a litle nightmere for Godo as she is so jealous.

    But, if I could I would let another one adopt me.

  8. girl least likely to

    awww, i loved this story! i volunteer at our humane society and i always wish i’d bump into doggies i’d met and fallen in love with before. we came thisclose to adopting one last year, and i always halfway look for her when i’m out and about, like she’ll just magically appear before me.

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